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Experience Best Hospitality for Couples in Madikeri Coorg at Ibni Springs

Placed in the midst of the winding hills and lush, dreamy gardens of Coorg, the Madikeri district welcomes you with its awe-striking scenery of the coffee industry and the hospitable character. Either you’re looking for a romantic retreat, family fun trip, or a reunion with nature, Ibni Springs is among the top exciting Madikeri resorts one would love to explore.

Try to picture all these things: the soft songs of birds and the morning workout to a fragrant coffee aroma. If Ibni Springs seems like heaven to you, this is due to our yearning. Our resort is encompassed by the grandview of the coffee estate which is a sprawling environ of beautiful Coorg. The green luxury cottages that line up our compound come with every element needed to create your dream estate. Each of these cottages is designed to offer comfort and tranquility.

Affordable Resort Packages for Family in Madikeri

Take a trip with your family to the quaint Madikeri city? There is no need to look far because that can be found at Ibni springs. The time we have here today is precious. We understand the value our service brings in granting the chance to immortalize precious moments for loved ones. The recreation facility provides a chance to experience a variety of activities and amenities that spice up the moment for all, including our exquisite activities and our exhilarating games room that features a unique range of indoor games.

  • Adventure Awaits: Embark on a thrilling nature trek through the verdant hills surrounding the resort. Spot exotic birds, witness cascading waterfalls, and immerse yourselves in the beauty of Coorg’s wilderness.
  • Game Time: Challenge your family to a game of pool or air hockey in our dedicated games room.
  • Explore Coorg’s Rich Heritage: Our concierge can help you plan excursions to nearby historical sites and coffee plantations, offering a glimpse into Coorg’s fascinating culture.

Ibni Springs is a perfect choice for the twosome couples who crave for a little bit of romance and solitude. Join us and satisfy your taste buds under the illumination of candles in the starry sky or just unwind from the privacy your cottage balcony that provides the beautiful view.

  • Candlelit Dinner: Enjoy a specially curated gourmet meal under the twinkling night sky, creating a truly unforgettable experience.
  • In-Room Romance: Surprise your loved one with a romantic in-room set-up featuring flowers, chocolates, and sparkling wine.

The exceptional hospitality that the Ibni Springs offers, the amazing accommodations, as well as the vast activities that we have, are what truly pass this resort from being a nice one to the best. The amazing and caring team is at your disposal all the time to make you feel comfortable, attentive and catered to your needs. Spradling Spirit Springs offer a tailor made service to suit your needs whether it is taken us on guided nature walks, special events and any activity you can think will make the stay at Ibn Springs truly unforgettable.

Madikeri offers all kinds of resorts that cut across the gamut and iBni Springs, offers the perfect family adventure holiday, romantic escapade or nature seeking spot that you can find in a hometown. Give us a call today to get more information on our fantastic package deals and have your Getaway to the Coorg secured!


Ibni Springs | Cottages & Restaurant is a great choice for travellers looking for a 3 star star hotel in Coorg. This Hotel stands out as one of the highly recommended hotel in Coorg. 



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