Travel to the Resort in Madikeri for the best-staying experience

Now as you have planned your journey to Coorg-Madikeri. You would be looking for a resort in Madikeri which is best in terms of budget and hospitality. Then you can head down to IBNI Springs – The best resort in Madikeri, Karnataka. Featuring a breathtaking private natural waterfall amidst invigorating coffee plantations- IBNI Springs is the best-suited resort for most travelers.

In Madikeri-Coorg, pleasant temperatures, lush green coffee plantations, and popular attractions to roam around are enough to mesmerize anyone. Madikeri-Coorg is a charming hill station that has attracted travelers from far and wide. Nestled in the western ghats and adorned with the name Scotland of India – Coorg(Kodagu) is a tranquil destination for nature lovers.

To unwind and relax, we need to stay in a place that is best in comfort.

This is the point where we came across several questions like

which is the best location to stay in Coorg? or

what are the best options available to stay in Coorg?

IBNI Springs resort in Madikeri is a hidden gem as it offers the best luxury experience on an affordable budget.

Questions also arise in the mind of travelers like can unmarried couples stay in Coorg Resort – IBNI Springs?

So, yes they can comfortably accommodate at IBNI Springs resort in Madikeri Coorg in Deluxe and wooden cottages as per choice and availability.

You can stroll around the nature trails at IBNI Springs and enjoy the scenic views around. IBNI Springs is the Best Madikeri Resort for couples. Married or unmarried couples willing to spend cozy and romantic time can book accommodation easily at IBNI Springs Madikeri Coorg Resort.

Freshen up your mornings with a hot cup of coffee, complimentary breakfast and the greenery abound. Get fresh delicious food at the four seasons in IBNI Springs. Choosing from a range of dishes to taste from different regions especially the local food of Coorg is a must-try.

3 start resort in madikeri coorg for couples

At the 3-star resort in Madikeri, you can immerse yourself in Coorg’s culture. This is a place where you can feel the nature vibes in Coorg style. This place will fill you with a sense of wonder and joy due to its organized arrangement to unwind.

One of the useful services provided by the Best Resort in Madikeri is the Taxi/cab services to and fro trip from Airport or any other arrival/departure destination in Coorg to IBNI Springs resort in Madikeri. Following this one can book their ride and roam around anywhere in the Coorg district comfortably.

Last but not least you will be provided with the Best modern amenities and super hygienic home-like bedrooms. 42 inches LED TV with high-speed wi-fi connectivity. Hot and cold water bath availability, free parking, and a variety of recreational activities to enjoy. With no dearth of entertainment and friendly staff, this makes it the best Madikeri resort for families to stay.