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IBNI Springs: Embrace Authentic Hospitality at the Best Home Stay in Madikeri

You can be a part of the true essence of Coorg culture and its perfect hospitality atmosphere at IBNI Springs Homestay in the town of Madikeri.

Here, at this beautiful Madikeri homestay, we invite you to leave your worries behind and join us in experiencing the wonderful essence of this area, which will culminate in cherished memories.

In IBNI Springs, we understand that an unforgettable stay does not only mean a tie-up with a hotel. As a family, our establishment is very proud of giving its guests the best experience possible, making them feel like they are at home, even as they are away from their homes. Be ready for the genuine warmth and hospitality that see you from the moment you arrive for your Kodava experience.

Luxury Rooms at Cheap Rates in Madikeri

Our lovely cottages and rooms are the result of a great care in detail: traditional Kodava architecture was remodeled to modern amenities to make your stay memorable, authentic and cozy. Each apartment building is fully equipped with locally produced furniture and adorned by decor which honors the diverse and diligent local craftsmanship.

What makes IBNI Springs Homestay more than just a place to sleep is the chance to be part of the rich and vivid Sri Coorg culture. Our friendly hosts will personally lead you through the tour and will share their family traditions, stories, as well as their thoughts about the local way of life with you.

Let your taste buds explore the dishes of the famous Coorg cooking, which is made using the freshest, unique ingredients from our own gardens. Traditional cooking techniques should be learnt or you can just simply relish the traditional dishes passed down from one generation to the next.

Within the rooms and cottages placed by us, you will find the peace you might be looking for, having fugitive from the severe of the usual life. Each room is designed to satisfy your need for comfort and coziness, embellished with soft beds, beautiful surroundings, and contemporary appliances that will make you feel enchanted under the attraction of the nearby nature.

If you are looking for a perfect place for a romantic date or a big and spaciously room for a family holiday, our comfortable selection of rooms will definitely be what you need, and we will make your stay at IBNI Spring Homestay nice and enjoyable.

Our homestay may be the oasis like so, but when you get to experience the majestic scenery and culture in Madikeri, there is where the core of the magic really is We are confident that our knowledgeable hosts will be your teachers, sharing their secrets, thus shaping your tour in a manner that will meet all your expectations and let you get yourself in the region’s nature.

While trekking through farms of coffee the plant that birthed Madikeria coffee lover, you will come across ancient methods and discover new waterfalls. In exploring local markets, you will learn about the area up close by discovering things for yourself.

Whether you choose to gather around the bonfire at night or wake up with the sunrise to experience the best of Coorg, you can do so at IBNI Springs Homestay. Indulge in our deservedly celebrated hospitality. Enjoy a personal touch. Be spoiled by the unforgettable experience that will gratify not just your senses but also your soul.

Our team warmly welcomes customer contact to be able to ensure that your piece of paradise is in place and you create unforgettable memories for your life. Experience Madikeri’s alluring charm and avail yourself of this opportunity to journey through a remarkable adventure with IBNI Springs Homestay as your secret hideaway.


Ibni Springs | Cottages & Restaurant is a great choice for travellers looking for a 3 star star hotel in Coorg. This Hotel stands out as one of the highly recommended hotel in Coorg. 



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