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IBNI Springs: Luxury Waterfall Resort in Coorg

Welcome to IBNI Springs, the best place for relaxation and rejuvenation. Are you looking for a Coorg resort where nature’s calm blends with luxurious indulgence?

Look no further than IBNI Springs, a magnificent waterfall resort located in the heart of Coorg. We guarantee an outstanding resort in Coorg for family, nature enthusiasts, and those who want luxury.

Come immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of IBNI Springs and make wonderful moments in nature’s embrace.

Coorg, commonly referred to as “Scotland at India”, is a picturesque destination filled with waterfalls, coffee plantations as well as mind-blowing mountain ranges. IBNI Spring is a treat that will make you fly directly from the city to the landscape of Coorg; making you feel the nature and beauty around you. Think about the awesome morning sweetheart songs of birds walking into the flavor of coffee. Being able to continue your exploration day after day, discovering hidden waterfalls, walking through dense forests, or simply enjoying the fantastic scenery from your private balcony is definitely priceless.

For people who are after a really different experience, IBNI Springs encompasses this uniqueness as the only waterfall resort in Coorg. Our resort lies in a leisure area near a beautiful waterfall that falls in steps. In addition, at every point you will be hearing the gentle sound of water which will also aid in relaxation. Think about yourself lying in the hammock brushing on your face the drops of the waterfall.

IBNI Springs, one of the luxury resorts in Coorg delivers aesthetic and functional surroundings on the same track. Various magnificent and tastefully put-together rooms and villas together with the surrounding nature provide a relaxing view, which consequently creates a feeling of well being. Chill in cozy furniture, live in super-sized living rooms and you’ll want to take your private balcony outdoors and vice versa. This is the real Level up of Coorg resorts.

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There is no doubt that IBNI Springs is the most attractive option not only for couples to relax, but also for the family and friends who love to have fun in Coorg jungle resort. We especially have a children’s playground, wooden cottages and a wide range of lessons to ensure the offspring of your family spend their fun times enjoying and having a good mood. Imagine how thrilled your kids will be when they can bring their sandcastles to life, learn to appreciate nature’s wonders, and spend quality time with their dear ones by playing funs and games by the fireplace.

IBNI Springs understands how vital it is to unwind and feel rejuvenated. We offers a variety of therapies from around the world to help you relax and discover equilibrium within yourself. You can get a relaxing massage, a purifying body wrap, or simply relax in our Jacuzzi and let your problems go.

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Prepare to have a delightful adventure at IBNI Springs! Our restaurant serves a wide range of delicious foods from Coorg, India, and throughout the world.

Enjoy the delectable flavors of Coorgi cuisine prepared with fresh ingredients sourced locally. Our cooks enjoy creating delicious dishes that will make you crave seconds!

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If you’re looking for something special, IBNI Springs is the place to be! It’s the only Coorg resort, with a stunning waterfall right next to it. You can relax to the soothing sound of the waterfall during your stay.


Ibni Springs | Cottages & Restaurant is a great choice for travellers looking for a 3 star star hotel in Coorg. This Hotel stands out as one of the highly recommended hotel in Coorg. 



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