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One of the best ways to bring a team together and boost morale is to plan a corporate team outing. If you’re looking for an exciting and unique team outing, then Coorg is the perfect destination.

Located in Karnataka, Coorg is known for its lush green forests, picturesque hills, and beautiful waterfalls. With its pleasant climate, stunning views, and plenty of activities to choose from, it’s the perfect spot to host a corporate team outing.

A corporate team outing in Coorg can include various activities such as trekking, zip-lining, rock climbing, and river rafting. The area is home to some of the most beautiful trekking trails in India, making it an ideal spot for an adventurous team outing. You can also explore the area’s many waterfalls and take a dip in the cool, clear waters.

There are also a number of cultural attractions to explore such as the Raja’s Seat, Madikeri Fort, and the Dubare Elephant Camp. For those who prefer to take it easy, Coorg also has plenty to offer. The region is known for its coffee and spice plantations and you can take a tour to learn more about the local culture and cuisine. You can also visit the many temples in the area for a spiritual experience.

When it comes to accommodation, there are plenty of options to choose from. There are luxury resorts and hotels in Coorg that offer spacious rooms and modern amenities. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more rustic experience, there are plenty of homestays and cottages to choose from.

A corporate team outing in Coorg is the perfect way to relax and re-energize your team. With its stunning scenery, exciting activities, and comfortable accommodations, it’s sure to be an outing that your team will never forget.

Whether you are looking for a quick corporate getaway or an extended retreat, Coorg is the perfect destination. Located in southwestern India, this hill station is surrounded by lush greenery and provides the perfect backdrop for a corporate outing.

If you are looking for a resort in Coorg for a corporate outing, you will be spoilt for choice. From luxury resorts to budget-friendly ones, there is something for every kind of group. Depending on your group size, you can choose from resorts with small to large conference halls and banquet areas for business meetings and team-building activities.

IBNI SPRINGS MADIKERI COORG is the recommended and the best resort in Coorg that quenches the thirst for luxury and comfort amidst Coorg’s nature. You can try this popular and best-reviewed resort in Madikeri for Corporate outing events and meetings.

When it comes to recreational activities, there are plenty of things to do in Coorg.

From trekking and river rafting to bird watching and jungle safaris, there is something for everyone in the group. The resorts also offer indoor activities like badminton, table tennis, and pool table to keep everyone entertained. When it comes to dining, the resorts in Coorg offer a variety of cuisines.

From traditional Kodava cuisine to Indian and continental, you will find something to please all palates. The resorts also offer outdoor catering for large groups and can arrange for barbecues and bonfires for a memorable evening.

If you are looking for a resort in Coorg for a corporate outing, you have come to the right place. With its lush greenery, natural beauty, and a plethora of activities, Coorg is the perfect destination for your group. So, what are you waiting for? Book your Coorg resort now and get ready for the corporate outing of a lifetime!

Activities in corporate team outings in Coorg

1. Plantation Trekking: Coorg is home to some of the best plantations in India. Plantation trekking is an exciting activity that can be organized as part of a corporate team outing. It is a great way to explore the beautiful landscape, get some fresh air, and bond with colleagues.

2. Camping: Camping is a great way to bond with colleagues and explore nature. A camping trip in Coorg is a great way to relax and enjoy the beauty of the lush green hills and the River Cauvery.

3. Bird Watching: Coorg is home to a wide variety of birds and is a great destination for bird watching. Bird watching is a great way to bond with colleagues and explore nature.

4. River Rafting: River rafting is an exciting and thrilling activity that can be done in Coorg. It is a great way to bond with colleagues and explore the beauty of the River Cauvery.

5. Fishing: Fishing is another great activity that can be done in Coorg. It is a great way to bond with colleagues and explore the natural beauty of the region.

6. Rock Climbing: Rock climbing is a great activity that can be done in Coorg. It is a great way to bond with colleagues and explore the natural beauty of the region.

7. Sightseeing: Coorg is home to some of the most beautiful places in India and sightseeing is a great way to explore the region. It is a great way to bond with colleagues and explore the beauty of the region.

8. Trekking: Trekking is a great activity that can be done in Coorg. It is a great way to bond with colleagues and explore the natural beauty of the region.

Why is the resort the best place for corporate outings in Coorg?

Coorg is a popular hill station in South India and offers a wide range of options for corporate outings. One of the best places for corporate outings in Coorg is the IBNI Springs Madikeri Coorg Resort

This resort provides a range of activities, from trekking and river rafting to bird watching and waterfall gazing, as well as comfortable and luxurious rooms and suites. It also has a range of food in its 5 seasons restaurants with a High-speed wifi connection and Internet-enabled LED in each room, making it the perfect spot for corporate team building. The resort also offers packages for corporate outings and can accommodate large groups.

Resorts are the perfect place for corporate outings because they offer a variety of activities, amenities, and services that allow companies to get away from the office and have a stress-free, fun-filled outing.

IBNI Springs Resort in Coorg provides a large variety of activities, such as tennis, fishing, camping, bonfire dance and music, and much more. They also offer a variety of amenities such as high-end restaurants, event spaces, meeting spaces, and more. Additionally, resorts offer services such as Private taxis and cab services in Coorg for easy transportation, team-building activities, catering, and more. All of these features make this resort the perfect place for corporate outings.

How can corporate outings benefit your business?

Corporate outings can be a great way to build team morale, increase productivity, and reward employees. When employees are given the opportunity to let loose and have fun with their colleagues, it can help foster better relationships between them and improve communication.

Additionally, corporate outings can help increase employee engagement, help build relationships between management and employees, boost creativity, and create a sense of team spirit. Ultimately, corporate outings can help create a more positive work culture and contribute to your business’s overall success.

Importance of Corporate events in Coorg

Corporate events are a very important part of the social and cultural life of Coorg. They provide an opportunity for business people to network, learn new information, and exchange ideas. Corporate events also serve as an important opportunity to promote the businesses of the region.

They can help to create a positive image of Coorg and its products, which can help to increase sales and attract more customers. Furthermore, corporate events can help to build relationships between businesses and their customers, creating a sense of community and loyalty. Finally, corporate events can be used to promote the region’s tourism industry, helping to attract more visitors and increase revenues.

Corporate team building activities and Ideas in Coorg Resort

1. Nature Scavenger Hunt: Organise a fun nature scavenger hunt at the Coorg Resort. Give teams a list of items to find and have them explore the resort in search of them. The team who completes the list first wins!

2. Cooking Challenge: Ask each team to come up with a unique dish using ingredients from the local area near the Coorg Resort. The team that makes the tastiest dish wins!

3. Team Building Games: Play team-building games such as the Human Knot or the Marshmallow Challenge. These fun activities help to build trust and communication among team members.

4. Zip Lining: For a thrilling experience, organize a zip-lining activity at the Coorg Resort. Participants will have to work together as a team to ensure everyone’s safety.

5. Raft Building: Divide participants into teams and give them the task of building a raft that can carry all of the team members across a pond or river. This will test their creativity and teamwork skills.

6. Ropes Course: Challenge team members to conquer the ropes course at the Coorg Resort. This activity will test their physical and mental strength, as well as their ability to work together as a team.

7. Cultural Exchange: Ask each team to conduct a cultural exchange with a local village near the Coorg Resort. Participants will have to research and share information about their own culture, as well as learn about the culture of the local community.

8. Mountain Climbing: Go mountain climbing in the nearby hills and mountains. This activity will give team members an opportunity to work together and build trust.

9. Team Building Exercises: Play team building exercises such as Trust Falls and Human Bingo. These activities help to build relationships and communication among team members.

10. Team Building Seminars: Conduct a team building seminar at the Coorg Resort. This will help team members to understand their roles and responsibilities, as well as develop their leadership skills.

Plan ahead: Start planning the corporate outing well in advance to ensure that all necessary arrangements can be made and all attendees can schedule the event into their calendars.

Set clear goals: Clearly define the goals of the corporate outing, such as team-building, networking, or simply having fun. This will help you plan activities and events that align with these goals.

Involve everyone: Make sure that all employees have the opportunity to participate in the corporate outing, regardless of their position or tenure within the company.

Choose the right location: Select a location that is easily accessible for all attendees and offers a variety of activities and amenities to keep everyone entertained.

Mix work and play: Incorporate a mix of work-related activities and leisure activities to keep everyone engaged and interested.

Encourage participation: Encourage attendees to participate in all planned activities and events, and provide opportunities for them to interact with their colleagues in a relaxed and informal setting.

Follow up: After the corporate outing, follow up with attendees to gather feedback and identify areas for improvement for future events.

Have a contingency plan: Be prepared for any unexpected situations by having a contingency plan in place.

Show appreciation: Show your appreciation to the employees for their participation and hard work.

Have fun: Remember to enjoy the corporate outing and make it a memorable experience for everyone involved.

How to book Corporate outings in Coorg Madikeri?

To book a corporate outing in Coorg, you can:

  1. Research and contact event planning companies that specialize in organizing corporate events in Coorg.
  1. Contact hotels, resorts, or outdoor adventure companies that offer corporate packages and group rates.
  1. Work with a travel agent who can help you plan and book the trip. Reach out to the local tourism board for recommendations and assistance in planning your outing.
  1. When planning your corporate outing, be sure to consider the group size, budget, and desired activities. You should also communicate clearly with the company or individual you are booking with to ensure all your needs and expectations are met.

How do Corporate outings build the trust of employees?

Corporate outings can be a great way to build trust between employees. When colleagues are out of the office and in a relaxed setting, they can get to know each other better and build relationships.

When people are comfortable with each other, it helps create a better working environment and increases trust. Additionally, corporate outings give employees a sense of belonging and can provide an opportunity for team building. By participating in team activities, employees can build trust as they work together to complete tasks.

This can provide an opportunity to learn more about each other’s strengths and weaknesses and develop a better understanding of how each person works. Finally, corporate outings can give employees an opportunity to unwind and have fun, which can help create a positive and relaxed atmosphere in the office.

Have a Happy and Successful Corporate Outing in Coorg !

Coorg is heaven beckoning all to experience its wonders.  It is a popular hill station and is known as the Scotland of India. From its lush greenery to its mesmerizing waterfalls, the beauty of this paradise is unparalleled. A trip to Madikeri, the beautiful hill station in Karnataka, is a must for anyone looking for a perfect and best homestay in coorg.

Madikeri is a beautiful hill station in the Coorg district of Karnataka, known for its lush greenery, dense forests, and breathtaking scenery.

Coorg is the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature and take part in adventure activities like trekking, bird watching, and white-water rafting. It also boasts some of the best coffee and tea plantations in the country, along with a variety of local cuisines that you can relish. Coorg is also home to some of the most beautiful and unique temples in India, making it a great place for spiritual and cultural exploration.

Here, one can feel the peace and serenity that comes with the mesmerizing landscapes and the tranquillity of nature. Whether one is looking for a romantic getaway or a family outing, this magnificent place is sure to satisfy all.

Moreover its stunning views and a plethora of activities to do, one is guaranteed to have a memorable time.

Coorg also known as Kodagu is a wonderful expedition for travelers, with its abundant natural beauty, lush green forests, beautiful landscapes, and hospitable people, one can experience Coorg in a meaningful way. Known for its numerous best and quaint homestays in Coorg, this place offers a comfortable and memorable stay while you are exploring the region. From luxury to budget, the Coorg homestays suit all types of travelers.

Popular homestays in Coorg include the IBNI Springs Madikeri Coorg, the Golf View Estate, the Orange Country Resort, the Coorg Cliffs Resort, the Coorg Jungle Resort, the Village Machaan Resort, the Woods Valley Homestay, the Mountaintop Homestay, and the Emerald Valley Resort.

Coorg is the perfect destination for a fun-filled holiday. From the beautiful landscapes to the thrilling activities, there’s something for everyone. Staying in a cozy homestay is an excellent way to make the most of your holiday.

You can enjoy delicious meals cooked with local ingredients, explore the area, and participate in various activities such as trekking, bird watching, fishing, and rafting. With its stunning hills and lush greenery, Coorg is sure to give you a memorable experience that you’ll never forget.

Coorg is a great place to visit if you’re looking to experience a different culture. The locals are friendly and welcoming and you can experience life in a truly authentic village.

 The homestays in Coorg offer a peaceful getaway from the chaos of the city, tucked away in the quiet corners of the hills. There are a variety of activities to enjoy such as trekking, safaris, bird watching, and more.

You can also take part in various cultural experiences like visiting local markets, temples, and more. Coorg is also home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in India and offers an unforgettable holiday experience.

10 Fun and Exciting activities to do in Coorg

1. Visit Abbey Falls: Located 8 km away from Madikeri, Abbey Falls is a popular tourist spot in Coorg. It is also known as Abbi Falls and is surrounded by lush greenery, making it a perfect spot for nature lovers.

2. Visit Nisargadhama Island: Nisargadhama Island is a beautiful island located near Kushalnagar in Coorg. It is a perfect spot for trekking, boating, and bird-watching.

3. Visit Talakaveri: Talakaveri is the source of the river Kaveri and is one of the most popular tourist spots in Coorg. Located on the Brahmagiri Hills, Talakaveri is a sacred place for Hindus and is visited by thousands of pilgrims every year.

4. Visit the Dubare Elephant Camp: Dubare Elephant Camp is located on the banks of the river Kaveri in Coorg. It is a great place to watch and interact with the elephants and learn about their habits.

5. Visit Raja’s Seat: Raja’s Seat is a popular tourist spot located in Madikeri. It is known for its spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.

6. Explore the Golden Temple: The Golden Temple is a popular tourist spot located in Bylakuppe near Kushalnagar. It is the largest Tibetan settlement in India and is known for its beautiful architecture and peaceful atmosphere.

7. Go for a Nature Walk: Coorg is a perfect spot for nature lovers and it offers a lot of opportunities to explore the beauty of nature. Take a nature walk through the lush greenery and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

8. Visit the Coffee Plantations: Coorg is known for its coffee plantations and a visit to the plantations is a must-do activity. Take a tour of the plantations and learn about the process of coffee making.

9. Go for a Trek: Coorg is home to many beautiful hills and mountains, making it a perfect spot for trekking. There are several trekking trails in Coorg, ranging from easy to moderate level.

10. Visit the Iruppu Falls: It is located in the Brahmagiri Hills in Coorg. It is one of the most scenic places in Coorg and is a great spot for picnicking and camping.

With these amazing activities to do in Coorg, your experience will be unforgettable. Enjoy the beauty and peace of nature in Coorg and make sure to make the most of your trip.

Experience the Beauty of Coorg this season with IBNI SPRINGS Homestay in Coorg!

IBNI Springs Homestay is a cozy, secluded homestay located in the midst of the beautiful, lush green coffee plantations of Coorg. The homestay is situated in the quaint village of Bittangala, about 8 km from Madikeri, Coorg. It is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy some quality time with family and friends.

The homestay is housed in a 200-year-old traditional Coorgi-style house that has been lovingly restored to its former glory. The house is surrounded by a beautiful garden and has a private waterfall in the backyard where you can spend some peaceful moments.

The homestay offers all the modern amenities and facilities to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. There are four spacious and well-furnished rooms with attached bathrooms and a common dining hall.

It is also the best homestay with delicious food. You can find a variety of dishes cooked with care and love.

Best food served in Coorg at IBNI Springs. When you visit IBNI Springs, it is recommended to try these delicious local popular cuisines of Coorg.

1. Pandi Curry: This is a traditional pork curry dish from Coorg, made with a blend of spices and coconut.

2. Kadumbuttu: This is a traditional steamed rice cake made with rice flour, jaggery, and coconut.

3. Akki Rotti: This is a type of flatbread made with rice flour and served with a variety of accompaniments.

4. Bamboo Shoot Curry: This is a spicy curry made with bamboo shoots, coconut, and spices.

5. Coorgi Chicken Curry: This is a spicy chicken curry made with a blend of spices and coconut.

IBNI Springs is the best Coorg homestay with food with a variety of food options. Complimentary breakfast for the guests is available. It is a wholesome breakfast that will leave you drooling.

IBNI Springs Homestay in Coorg has an open terrace where you can relax and enjoy the spectacular views of the surrounding hills. The homestay also arranges for various activities like trekking, bird watching, plantation tours, jeep safaris, and more. The hosts at the homestay are friendly and welcoming and they can help you plan your travel itinerary in Coorg.

Specialties of Homestay in Coorg

IBNI Springs Madikeri Homestay has been a popular choice for travelers. A pocket-friendly homestay in Coorg that provides luxurious amenities but never loses the essence of a home-like feel. IBNI Springs is far better than lavish hotels and resorts in Coorg and impart a fulfilling stay experience on a minimal budget.

Hospitality at IBNI Springs Madikeri Homestay in Coorg:

1. Home-cooked meals: Homestay in Coorg offers home-cooked meals that are made with local Coorgi ingredients and traditional recipes.

2. Local knowledge: IBNI Homestay hosts are knowledgeable about the local area and can provide tips on the best places to visit, eat, and shop.

3. Cultural exchange: Homestays provide an opportunity to learn about the local culture and customs from the host family.

4. Unique accommodation: Homestays offer unique accommodation options that are often more affordable than hotels.

5. Personalised service: Homestay hosts often provide personalized service and can help arrange activities and transportation. IBNI Springs taxi/cab service in Coorg is the preferred mode of transportation for the guests as it is a comfortable, fast and safe method of commute.

6. Local tours: Homestay hosts can arrange local tours and activities, such as cooking classes, cultural performances, and visits to local attractions. IBNI Springs staff is prompt in organizing special events for loved ones like birthday parties or romantic dates.

Some Great Ideas for Making the Most of Your Coorg Homestay Experience

1. Go for a nature walk: Take a walk through the natural environment of Coorg to take in the fresh air and enjoy the views.

 2. Play board games: Spending time together and playing board games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, or Chess.

 3. Have a campfire: Sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows, and telling stories.

4. Cook a meal together: Cooking a meal together is a way of bonding and trying out new recipes.

5. Take a bike ride: Riding bikes together through the nearby countryside or towns.

6. Visit a local attraction: Exploring the local sights such as waterfalls, temples, or parks is a good option.

 7. Go fishing: Going out to the lakes or rivers to try and catch some fish with family and friends.

8. Stargaze: Taking a break from the day-to-day to enjoy the beauty of the night sky.

9. Play outdoor games: Playing traditional outdoor games such as volleyball, badminton, or cricket.

10. Have a picnic: Packing up a picnic basket and enjoying a meal outdoors will give you a relaxing experience.

Best Homestays for couples in Coorg

IBNI Springs Homestay for couples is a great way to experience a new destination in a unique and intimate way. Couples can choose from a variety of homestay options like wooden cottages and deluxe rooms.

Homestay in Coorg provides a unique opportunity to explore a new destination in a more personal way, as you will be staying in a home away from home. It also offers a great way to save money, as they are often much more affordable than hotels. Couples can enjoy the privacy of their own space, while still having access to all hotel amenities.

This homestay is better than Hotels. Homestay for couples is a great way to experience a new destination in a unique and intimate setting. Couples can choose from a variety of homestays, ranging from cozy cottages to luxurious villas.

Homestays offer the perfect opportunity to explore the local culture, cuisine, and attractions while enjoying the comfort of a home away from home. Many homestays also offer amenities such as private pools, hot tubs, and outdoor activities.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or an adventure-filled vacation, a homestay for couples is the perfect way to experience a new destination.

Activities for Couples at the Best Homestay in Coorg:

1. Visit a local winery or brewery for a tasting: This activity allows couples to enjoy the local cuisine and drinks offered in the area. Couples can sample different types of wines or beers and learn about the flavors of the local area.

2. Go on a bike ride together: This is a great activity for couples that want to get some fresh air and explore the area together. Couples can enjoy the beautiful scenery and spend quality time together.

3. Have a romantic dinner: IBNI Springs is a beautiful restaurant with an incredible atmosphere. Couples can enjoy a romantic dinner date and admire the stunning views of the mountains and the valleys.

4. Go for a hike in the woods: This is a great activity for couples who want to explore nature and get some exercise. Couples can enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful scenery while hiking in the woods.

5. Enjoy the serene private waterfall: Couples can relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere at the private waterfall. This is a great way to enjoy some quality time together and admire the beauty of nature.

Try these Top Things to do in Coorg (kodagu) for making your holidays unforgettable like hiking, trekking, river rafting, ziplining, waterfall rappelling, micro flight, and much more.

Coorg – The Scotland of India surely has some of the most impressive and unique things to do, much more similar to what you have been fancying in Scotland. Cast your everlasting memories by witnessing the most remarkable places in Madikeri, Coorg. This heavenly destination has a lot to offer for its visitors.

Top 10 Fun and Adventurous Things to do in Coorg

  1. Hiking and Trekking– Enjoy the landscapes
  2. Camping– Get close with nature
  3. Jungle Safari – Unfold the silence of the jungles
  4. Waterfall Rappelling– Make your heart beat faster
  5. River Rafting– Pump up the adrenaline rush
  6. Kayaking– Get a thrilling experience
  7. Bathing Elephants– Have fun with giant creatures
  8. Zip Lining–  Ride in sky with speed
  9. Quad Biking– Bring some action
  10. Paragliding– Explore nature from heights

1.Hiking and Trekking- Enjoy the landscapes

Long walks to natural trails could be the best activity available in Coorg. Trek or hike solo or with family and friends, this activity is definitely enjoyable for all. You can explore nature’s wonderful sights. Some of the suggested destinations to trek in Coorg are: Tadiandamol Trek, Iruppu Falls Trek, Pushpagiri Giri Trek, Kotebetta Trek, and Kumara Parvatha Trek.

2.Camping- Get close with Nature

A large number of camps are being organized in the nature’s lap of Coorg. Experience the best camping in the picturesque charm and pleasant weather of Madikeri. IBNI SPRINGS MADIKERI COORG- Best Resort in Coorg organizes camping for its guests and also recommends other best places to camp in the lush green coffee plantations of Coorg.

3.Jungle Safari – Unfold the silence of the jungles

Encounter the best wildlife jungle safari in Coorg. Best places to explore the enchanting piece of wilderness in Coorg are: Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary, Nagarhole national park, Talakaveri wildlife sanctuary, and Pushpagiri wildlife sanctuary are some of the densely forested reserves in Coorg where you can explore the unexplored.

4.Waterfall Rappelling- Make Your Heart Beat Faster

Quench your thirst for excitement with the amazing adventure activity in Coorg- Waterfall Rappelling. Push your limits amd boundaries with this fun filling and thrilling activity by abseiling from the cliff of a waterfall. One of the most impressive waterfall rappelling destinations in Coorg is   Chelavara Falls wherein you can experience the heavenly nature and take up a challenging adventure sport.

5.River Rafting- Pump up the adrenaline rush

Adventure lovers get the pinnacle rafting experience in Coorg. Drift and relax in the thrills and spills of mighty river Cauvery in Dubare. Popular and challenging rafting sites in Coorg are: Barapole and Dubare River Rafting. If you are true risk taker and adventure enthusiasts, you can begin your rafting trip in Coorg.

6.Kayaking- Get a thrilling experience

Enjoy the breathtaking experience of Kayaking and canoeing in Coorg, Karnataka.  Kakkabe river in Coorg is the best place for Kayaking activity. Slice your way through azure waters passing through magnificent landscape of Coorg with the amazing padding expedition of Kayaking.

7.Bathing Elephants- Have fun with giant creatures

Interact with these big creatures at Dubare Elephant Reserve in Coorg and have fun with elephants by observing and learning about their activities including bathing, feeding and playing in waters. Participate in the fun and frolic activities with these peaceful pachyderms. Have fun with elephants at Dubare Elephant Reserve and create beautiful memories.

8.Zip Lining-  Ride in Sky with speed

Elevate your adventure thirst with Zip Lining adventure activity in Coorg. Explore the pristine diversity of Coorg and pleasant surroundings with Zip Lining. Definitely not for the faint hearted.Grab this moment and define yourself with the amazing top things to do in Coorg. Try out Nisargadhama forests, Kodagu for the zip line adventure.

9.Quad Biking- Bring some action

Embark on a quad biking tour in Madikeri for the ultimate enjoyment. Explore the rugged terrains through bumpy roads and mountains. Test your riding skill on a tough road whilst falling in love with the natural beauty of Coorg.

10.Paragliding- Explore nature from heights

Fly off on the top of Coorg and explore a 360 degree bird’s eye view of the spectacular Coorg. Paragliding in Coorg is the best way of exploring Coorg through an aerial view. In the blowing gusty winds at a height of 4000 feet above the ground level, you will surely create amazing memories. So, spread your wings like a free bird flying and fulfil your dream of flying above the scenic beauty of Coorg.

Best Place to Stay in Coorg, Madikeri

To sense wonder and awe-inspiring adventure activities in Coorg, you are also required to stay or accommodate at property that is best in budget and quality. You are recommended to stay at IBNI SPRINGS MADIKERI COORG Resort which is the best Google Reviewed Resort in Coorg awarded by the Tourist Department of Karnataka. Staying at the Resort in Madikeri is a worthwhile experience for adventure lovers. Get a splendid and safe luxury experience and relax in the nature’s lap of beautiful Coorg.

Want to get relief from the noisy world? Either take a break from your routine or go to a peaceful and lovable place to spend your days. Coorg is a destination which you can consider visiting.

But Why Coorg?

Because Coorg has an environment that can make you lost, you will never want to return to your original place.

Coorg is a hill station situated in the western Ghats of Karnataka. Known for its wholesome climate, adventurous activities and resorts in Madikeri, Coorg India Scotland is no less than heaven for travel enthusiasts.

But, if you’re visiting here for the first time, you need to consider a few things that will help you make the most of your trip.

 Your Stay At Coorg

Coorg is a mini Scotland of India that welcomes tourists throughout the year, yet the best time to visit Coorg is between October to May. During this time, lakhs of tourists visit for adventurous activities, honeymoons, or to enjoy their best days. 

Therefore, to get the most out of your Coorg trip, you must decide your stay before peak season. The best resorts, including IBNI Springs, stay full during this time. So it will be better if you book your resort in Madikeri before this time.


Visit In the Peak Season If You’re An Adventure Lover

If you’re an adventure enthusiast, Coorg is the place for you. Get to the best resort in Coorg, ask which activities are included with their package and enjoy your day. 

You must try at least one of the adventure activities that happen in Coorg. From mountain trekking and river rafting to waterfall rappelling, you can choose any activity in Coorg.

However, do remember that the activities like mountain climbing and rafting happen only during certain months, so you must book your resort in Coorg accordingly.

Get a Private vehicle to Enjoy Beautiful Landscapes

If you’re travelling with your family or friends, you would want to spend a good time with them while simultaneously enjoying the landscapes of Coorg. In such cases, you must get a private vehicle to rent.

But remember, whether you’re travelling solo or with a group, you must avoid travelling at night because most of the remote areas of Coorg don’t have light, so it becomes difficult to see properly.

Secondly, most roads in remote Coorg areas are narrow and thus, driving at night becomes risky. Sometimes people also get lost due to similarities in the roads.

Unfortunately, you won’t easily get any private vehicles in Coorg unless you’re not staying in a good resort in Coorg like IBNI Springs. 

IBNI Springs offers the best taxi or cab services for tourists. Besides cab service, they are also known for their outstanding hospitality and guide you throughout your trip. 

Besides these essential things, you also need to consider the following while travelling to this beautiful destination:

  • Stay at the homestay or the best resort near Madikeri, such as IBNI Springs. Staying there would make you enjoy the raw culture of Coorg. Moreover, they offer almost every facility to make your trip memorable.
  • Coorg is best explored on foot. So it would be best if you pack some good quality shoes.
  • In Madikeri or nearby areas, you won’t find many ATMs, and people here are still not used to e-payment like UPI, so it is better to carry some extra cash.

Do not Miss Popular Attractions in Coorg

What is Coorg famous for? Many attractive places in Coorg grab your attention. You can’t miss out on the tourist places that are worth visiting like Coffee estates in Coorg, Raja’s seat, Omkareshwara temple, Tibetan Golden Temple, Dubare Elephant Reserve and much more. These could be the best places to enjoy in Coorg.

To grasp the beauty of Coorg in its entirety long walks on nature trails, trekking and hiking can be good options. Get the most breathtaking views at Mandalpatti, 30 km away from Madikeri. The undulating landscape and ceaseless series of hills will leave an indelible imprint on your mind.

If you are a waterfall lover then Abbey Falls, Mallalli falls, Chelavara falls, Iruppu falls and many other mesmerizing falls can be on your


Scotland of India is one such destination that needs to be visited once in a lifetime. You can find many cheap travel packages in Coorg to explore this majestic Madikeri fully.

There is no dearth of various adventurous activities in Coorg. Indulge in your favourite activities to do in Coorg. Whether it is river rafting, ziplining, jungle safari, waterfall rappelling, micro flight and lots of other activities to pump up your adrenaline.

Make your trip memorable by participating in these adventurous activities in Coorg. Suggesting you some of the best adventure places in Coorg that will recharge your senses and enjoy your favourite thrilling activities in Coorg.

1. River Rafting: Barapole River Rafting Base and Dubare River Rafting Base

2. Waterfall Rappelling: Nishani, Coorg

3. Jungle Safari: Nagarhole, Pushpagiri, Brahmagiri, Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary

However, there is a multitude of activities in Coorg that can keep you occupied all day and give you an unforgettable experience. Thus It would be a great idea to visit Coorg for a super fun weekend getaway.

Warpp, take a chance to live life to the fullest with no regrets.

Coorg perfectly portrays it as the Scotland of India. The beauty and the charm of this beautiful hill station have stolen the hearts of countless visitors and travellers. Kodagu was changed to the name Coorg because of the Britishers. The gem is located in the western ghats of Karnataka in the South. The climate here remains pleasant throughout the year which attracts people towards peace, comfort and a weekend getaway .

This is the place where nature and exotic ecosystems are in a cornucopia of aromatic coffee. Madikeri, a beautiful hill station and the heart of Coorg can be a haven for people looking for a retreat.

There are a number of reasons to travel in Coorg with a brief Coorg Travel Guide.

Coorg is famous for its extraordinary natural beauty. It will be worth visiting the place if you want to have an escape from a mundane city life.

Travelling to Coorg- The Best Tourist Place

Madikeri is a beautiful hill station in the district of Coorg or Kodagu. Often people confuse the two names Coorg and Madikeri. They somehow consider both as the same. But the basic difference is that Coorg is a district in Karnataka while Madikeri is a small town or hill station situated in the Coorg district.

If you are heading from Bangalore to Coorg, the distance between Bangalore to Coorg travel will be estimated as 270 km from NH 75. It is the fastest and safest route to Coorg. You can travel by bike, bus or cab. You can hire taxi and cab services from IBNI SPRINGS MADIKERI COORG Resort in Coorg where tourists’ accommodation is budget-friendly and high quality. Pick-and-drop services are easily available and they are just a call away.

Apart from this if you would like to reach the earliest you can use bus, train or flight. However, there is no direct route to Coorg if you travel by train. Mysore and Mangalore railway stations are the nearest stations to Coorg with a distance of 95 km and 134 km from Coorg respectively. From there you can catch a bus to Coorg which will take around 3-5 hours of journey.

Moreover, if you are opting for a flight, Mangalore International Airport is the nearest airport at a distance of 160 km. In a similar manner suggested above, you can choose your mode of transport to Coorg according to your convenience.

Coorg is an idyllic weekend getaway for most travellers. The enchanting beauty is unparalleled to soul seekers and nature lovers. Let’s check out the reasons for this inexplicable beauty and find out the reason why it is worth visiting Coorg.

As you enter Coorg the invigorating coffee aroma welcomes you and activates your olfactory glands leading to an uplifted mood.

To obtain a proper Coorg Travel Package you can enjoy the best homestays in Coorg- IBNI Springs Madikeri Coorg. They will guide you throughout your journey to Coorg and explore its wonders. Accommodation here is immensely peaceful and comfortable. Enjoy the pleasant natural environment by sitting beside the private waterfall located at the back of the Resort accessible only to guests of the Coorg Resort – IBNI Springs.

Experience the Coorg trip more like a local rather than an outsider. You can enjoy and mingle with the environment of Coorg in a better way. Here are some tips for a smooth trip and exploration.

Drive slow:

If you are driving on your own or travelling somewhere within Coorg, be extremely careful with the roads. The roads could be bumpy and sloppy. As it is a Madikeri, a hill station so there might be many twists and turns which need to be handled carefully. Although you will come across scenic landscapes of Madikeri, keep your eye on the road, minding the distance limit while travelling along with the long stretches of the road.

Keep Cash Handy:

There are fewer chances for shopkeepers to accept electronic modes of payment. Also, you cannot find banks and ATMs nearby the area easily. The area is a hill station so network connectivity is weak. You need to prepare beforehand to keep a good amount of estimated cash with you. Reserve your Coorg homestay before entering Coorg and keep all the confirmations in advance so you won’t face any hurdles in the exchange of money.

Respect local people and have a basic knowledge of their traditions:

It is a basic understanding that we should not hurt anyone’s sentiments. The Kodava community and their culture are different from other regions. Smoking is prohibited in the region. As it is a nature site so avoid throwing any trash on roads. Respect the religion and avoid any public display that seems inappropriate to others. Keep a warm and humble gesture with everyone you meet. To avoid offending anyone directly or indirectly, gain a basic knowledge of the local lifestyle and culture of Coorg.

In addition to these it is advisable to keep yourself updated with the latest local news of this region so you can keep a track on the activities going around or never miss any important information crucial to your journey.

After having visited this beautiful hill station in Karnataka you could finally say that you have finally witnessed Coorg- The Scotland of India.

So, these are the Coorg Travel tips and guides that could be helpful in your journey to Coorg.

Have a Safe Journey!

Monsoon in Coorg Madikeri Karnataka- The Best time to visit Coorg

Do the visitors have a good time in Coorg during Monsoons? Why not? Enjoy the enchanting weather in Coorg during the monsoon season. You can see the beauty of Coorg in its full swing during this season.

Monsoon is a season of rejuvenation where the wind blows, raindrops pour upon, petrichor penetrates the nostrils and the sweet taste of rain drops craves you to have some hot snacks and beverages. Believe it, this is the perfect weather in Coorg to travel.

The beauty of the monsoon in Coorg advent from June to September. Temperature can be expected somewhere between 22 – 26 degrees celsius. A monsoon season where Coorg experiences much greener vistas. This wonderland is suffused with deep nature views that are astonishing to watch. Make your trip amazing in Coorg in the Monsoon season and explore the Majestic locations around.

The rates of hotels, resorts and cottages in Coorg slashed down this season due to the thin number of visitors. So you will find less crowd which will let you enjoy your trip smoothly.

Things to take care of during Monsoon in Coorg:

  1.  Weatherproof your Travel essentials 

During Monsoon you should be keeping an extra pair of umbrellas, raincoat and clothes with you. Do not forget to have waterproof luggage so you can save all your important material from the onslaught of Rain and withstand the dripping wet situation.

  1. Wear appropriate shoes

Do not forget you are at the hill station and there are high chances of accidental falls on terrains. To avoid slipping, wear slip-resistant shoes. To prevent falling it is imperative to wear the right footwear. Better to keep falls at bay to avoid any injuries or accidents.

  1. Stay safe from Leeches

During monsoon leeches- so-called bloodsuckers can welcome you on trekking trails. It is better to wear full-length clothing and cover your body properly. Apart from this, you can carry leech or mosquito repellents like sanitisers, disinfectants etc. to prevent these creepy crawlies on your body.

  1. Stay updated with the News

Monsoon is an enjoyable and thrilling season to travel but It is imperative to keep your eyes like a hawk on the local activities and the news. So, stay away from visiting any dangerous locations in Coorg where there are landslides, floods or jams due to heavy rains.

  1. Avoid any unhygienic food

If you just could avoid the consumption of street food and choose the source of food and water wisely you can potentially save yourself from the risk of contamination and infections. Carry your water bottle along the way and eat only fresh and healthy food.

In conclusion, you should keep a proper diet, stay away from any unhygienic conditions, and consult a doctor immediately if you see any signs of catching an infection.

It is best to prepare for the worst situation and make preparations beforehand. So pre-plan to enjoy the most of your vacation during the monsoon season. After all, Prevention is better than Cure.

Have a Happy Journey!

Holidays are planned for a wonderful memory. The destination of Coorg- Scotland of India offers travelers cultural, natural, adventure, and wildlife experiences.

A blend of these experiences will definitely make a memorable Coorg holiday. Soaking around the Madikeri – beautiful Hill station in Coorg and soaking up its atmosphere. In some places, this amazing city looks unchanged since the medieval ages. This could be a rejuvenating vacation period close to nature as the other parts of the city have been victimized by urbanization and into the modern era of concrete and traffic pollution.

Coorg has been attracting tourists for a long time. This nature’s wonder sits on the eastern slopes of western ghats in Karnataka.

Most of the interesting attractions to visit in Coorg can be Abbey Falls, Madikeri fort, Mandalpatti, and much more. You can check out myriad pristine waterfalls, lush green coffee plantations, and misty valleys surrounded by lofty mountains.

Let’s have a memorable holiday in coorg while enjoying the popular attractions in Coorg Madikeri.

Abbey Falls:

The most famous tourist attraction among the tourist is Abbey Falls or Abbi Falls. It was also called Jesse Falls in past times. This is the number one appeal for the tourist visiting Coorg. An awesome view can be captured during monsoons because the waterfall’s flow is in its full form.

Abbey Falls is a remote place that lies in the Western Ghats of Karnataka and one of the best tourist attractions in Coorg. A tranquil place you’d love to visit because of fewer gatherings, the sounds of the waterfall flow, the beauty of nature, and a fun holiday worthwhile.

Raja’s Seat :

Another intriguing fascination in Coorg is Raja’s Seat (Seat of the kings). It was literally a King’s seat where he used to sit and enjoy the scenic beauty of the valley.

Seeing the valley from Raja’s seat, one can’t deny that the environment. The enchanting view seen from this place can’t be found anywhere.

Furthermore, the captivating view of Sunrise and Sunset is something one cannot miss.

Reaching the spot makes you feel like you’re being greeted with a cool breeze and lush green plantations making your morning and evening memorable.

If you plan to stay at the Best Resort in Coorg then reaching Raja’s seat will hardly take a few minutes. However, if you’ve prepared your plan but cannot figure out which resort near Coorg is the best-staying then do check out IBNI Springs Resort near Madikeri – the best resort in Coorg.

From picking you up from the airport to providing you with unparalleled services, IBNI Springs is the first and foremost choice of tourists who want to stay in the middle of nature and make their trip great.

Dubare Elephant Camp

Are you a wildlife enthusiast who loves exploring wildlife species? If yes, Dubare Elephant camp is for you. This Elephant camp is most popular destination among tourists and is situated on the banks of the Kaveri River, Coorg.

Tourists can interact with Elephants where they can touch them, give them baths, feed, ride, and click pictures with them.

A mesmerizing view of a lush green plantation and a refreshing environment make this interaction unforgettable.  

So if you’re staying in any resort near Coorg, you can simply reach this place with a tourist guide and enjoy the wildlife moments.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading article.

Please provide your valuable suggestions in the comments relating to your travel experiences in Coorg.

Why Resorts Near Abbey Falls are the best location to stay For Nature Lovers?

Abbey Falls

Planning for the summer trip to Coorg, Karnataka, but unable to decide on the best resort near abbey falls in Coorg? Well, many people get confused when it comes to determining where they should spend their vacation. They cannot find the perfect resort or homestay while travelling to Coorg.

It depends upon the requirements of individuals and what ambience they prefer. Whether they want the resort to be in the middle of nature or to spend their holidays near a waterfall, river or flower valley?

Well, if you’re a waterfall lover and planning to stay near a waterfall in Coorg, finding the perfect resort near abbey falls in Coorg can be a great choice.

Let us understand why a resort near abbey falls is a perfect tourist destination.

Benefits of Residing in a Resort Near Abbey Falls In Coorg

The beauty of Abbey Falls

Coorg is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls on planet Earth. One of them is Abby Falls or Abbi Falls. Abbey falls is located near Madikeri district, Coorg and is a perfect place for tourists who need relaxation and peace in their hectic life.

Different streams of water collectively create this stunning waterfall. It’s one of the most sought tourist places, especially for nature enthusiasts.

Crystal clear water falling from a cliff of 70 feet in height and creating a pool makes it one of the most attractive waterfalls in Madikeri, Coorg.

However, reaching there can be a bit challenging unless you have proper navigation or a tourist guide.

Then comes the resorts near abbey falls, which not only provide you with the perfect living space but also let you enjoy every single minute of your vacation.  

Mesmerizing Scenic Views

Abby falls not only attracts tourists with its streams, but it has also got a beautiful & peaceful surroundings coupled with plantations of coffee and different spices.

Together with the coffee and spice plantations, the sound of water entering a pool makes it a welcoming waterfall for nature lovers.

The surrounding area makes you feel like you’ve entered a different world with sky-touching mountains together with greenery, mesmerizing views, and pleasant weather, which makes your tour more memorable. 

Amenities Offered

If you want to experience the natural beauty of Abbey falls, you’ll need a perfect resort near abbey falls in Coorg.

There comes the IBNI Springs, one of the best resorts near abbey falls in Madikeri that offers you the best and outstanding amenities.

IBNI Springs resort is located just a few kilometres from the abbey falls and provides their guests the best tourist guide experience.

Nevertheless, their hospitality, dining facility, private waterfall, bonfire facility and resort location itself provide a complete package of enjoyment, adventure and peace.

Perfect Destination Location to Experience Peace

Got tired of working 9-5 and want some peace and relaxation in your life? Take a break and visit the nearby resort near abbey falls in Madikeri.

Peace is a synonym for nature, greenery, and mountains that let you forget all your anxious thoughts, tension, and other disturbing things.

Moreover, the resorts in the middle of nature can also let you find peaceful destinations.

IBNI Springs is one such resort covered by greenery from all four sides. Due to its location and amenities, it is becoming the best staycation for tourists visiting Coorg who are searching for the best resort near waterfall in Madikeri.  

Best Time To visit Coorg –The Mini Scotland of India

Are you planning to visit Coorg,Karnataka but unable to decide the best time to visit there?


Well, Coorg is indeed a beautiful place situated in the lap of the mountains surrounded by natural waterfalls, lakes, and some amazing landscapes.

It is also known as Scotland of India and due to its pristine beauty, it counts among one of the top places to visit in Southern India.

Coorg is referred to as a perfect destination for a romantic getaway or a road trip away from the stress of city life. Also, its soothing weather and unique landscape make it a popular destination throughout the year.

There is nothing like this stunning destination in Karnataka, with its old-world charm, splendid attractions, and adventurous terrain.

However, if you are planning to visit Coorg there might be a lot of confusion in your mind when it comes to the best time to visit Coorg, the best Coorg resorts, and other details about this fascinating area.

So, to give you some clarity, let us throw some light on the perfect season or month to visit Coorg. Keep reading till the end.

Coorg is a Little piece of paradise and destination that surpasses all expectations!

The southwestern part of Karnataka with an estimated population of 5 lakh offers some majestic things which you will never find in the busy environment of metro cities.

Coorg is a place that has a moderate environment, and breathtaking sceneries all around the year therefore, you can find travelers visiting almost every month here.

With the natural beauty, delicious local cuisine, and captivating aromas of the coffee plantation this location has everything one needed for a peaceful trip.

But, let us discuss the best season or month to spend holidays in Coorg and get away from the city crowd. The best time to visit this magnificent Coorg is between October to March when you will get a scenic view of post-monsoon. Visiting Coorg between October to March is the finest time to enjoy all the adventurous activities, especially trekking.

Best Season to Visit Coorg: India’s Most Favorable Destination

Coorg is a place where every season is perfect for different activities. It is an unexplored paradise for all those who are looking for a perfect mix of nature, adventure, and culture. The summers in Coorg are full of fun activities such as exploring the forests, treks, zip lining, and cycling.

It’s a mesmerizing hill station located in the Western Ghats of South India. You can explore the magnificent valleys with beautiful landscapes, aromatic coffee plantations, flora and fauna, and so on.

Its pleasant climate and spectacular landscape are not only an ideal destination for Indians, but it attracts thousands of other travelers from different parts of the world. At the Coorg, the temperature doesn’t fall below 10°C and rises above 40°C. Therefore you can walk and trek with your buddies while enjoying the beautiful scenery and landscape.

A gorgeous summer escape in Coorg with spectacular sceneries

The summer season in Coorg begins in April and lasts until the end of May. The average temperature of this beautiful area varies between 20 – 35 degrees Celsius during the summer.

There is no better time to visit Coorg hill station than during summer when the weather is pleasant and fresh. It has been said that Coorg is at its liveliest during its summers and winters.

The warm weather serves as the perfect escape from the summers of the plains. Take advantage of the mellow weather and enjoy the visual spoils of the hill station.

Riding on a two-wheeler in the summer season is an enchanting experience as you get to experience the aroma of coffee and cardamom and smell the fragrant air.

The summer season of Coorg gives a warming, relaxed, and pleasant feeling where you can step out with your sunglasses and hats to enjoy the bewitching visuals of this hill station. It’s the perfect time to discover Coorg’s hidden beauty.

Experience the thrill of monsoon Season in Coorg

The summer season of Coorg gives the warm, relaxed, and pleasant feeling where you can step out with your sunglasses and hats and enjoy the visuals of this hill station.

The monsoon season in Coorg begins in June and ends in early October. The temperature drops to 15°C, and sometimes medium to heavy rainfall is observed.

At the beginning of the monsoon, low to moderate intensity of rainfall is observed, however as the days pass by, the rainfall intensity keeps on increasing.

Although Coorg is said to be a natural paradise, some places come alive under the refreshing drops of monsoon rains.

The Monsoon season is a beautiful time of the year in Coorg. The lush green coffee and cardamom plantations look even lusher in the rain.

The flora and fauna are a sight to behold in such an environment. The cascading waterfalls and streams are at their best during the Monsoon.

This is the perfect time to explore the wilds of Coorg, spot birds, take long walks and enjoy the fresh air around.

However, people who are enthusiastic travelers and have an affection to explore greenery can come during this season. Coorg is beautiful at any time of the year but during the monsoon season, it’s a must-see destination.

But, before visiting here in the monsoon, carry a few pairs of warm clothes along with umbrellas and raincoats to protect yourself against the cold and rainy climate in the months of September & October.

A weekend getaway to the coffee fields of Coorg in winter season In Coorg

The winter season enhances the beauty of this place. It is said to be the best time to visit Coorg during winter. To witness the heaven on earth this season is the best that begins in October and stretches till February.

During the winter season in Coorg, you’ll find beautiful weather, lush greenery, and fresh flowers in abundance. It is the best time of year to visit Coorg to appreciate the scenic beauty and excellent climate of the region.

The average temperature during this season drops to as minimum as 10°C with a warm day and chilly night.

Since the New Year also comes midway, this hill station observes a lot of travelers during this season.

You can discover the rich culture and heritage of Coorg during this period, which is known for its beautiful landscapes, temples, churches, and historical sights.

Nonetheless, if you are planning to visit this site during the winter, bring some warm clothing with you.

Picture your Perfect Honeymoon in Coorg for an Unforgettable Experience in these months

When it comes to honeymoon destinations, choosing the best one is crucial and Coorg is the best honeymoon destination for newly married couples. It is important to spend your first memorable moments together with your better half to ensure a long-lasting relationship.

The honeymoon is a time when you and your spouse can spend much-needed intimacy together reflecting on your big day and planning for the future.

Your honeymoon is an opportunity to disconnect from everything and focus on just each other for a little while. By taking a romantic honeymoon trip to Coorg, you will strengthen your relationship and strengthen your bond with your partner.

You can enjoy your honeymoon in Coorg by staying at a number of beautiful resort options available.

You can also choose to spend your honeymoon in Coorg by traveling around and exploring the city, where you will be able to enjoy all kinds of activities. Individuals can choose the best months for visiting Coorg based on their preferences.

October to March

The winter season offers a fresh and pleasant climate. In the vicinity of 10 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius, the temperature remains relatively unchanged. Enliven your honeymoon experience by strolling aimlessly in Coorg- Madikeri with your partner.

IBNI Springs is the best honeymoon resort in Coorg with Waterfall. You can find the best honeymoon packages with IBNI Springs Madikeri Coorg.

Follow the Call of Nature in Coorg- The Perfect Place for a Family Outing throughout the year

Family vacations bring more happiness, safety, and comfort to the members because they know that their comfort, happiness, and safety are essential. You can explore Coorg throughout the year with your family as the environment remains pleasant and evergreen.

Family outings in all seasons in Coorg will strengthen family bonds, and while spending time with your family members, you will learn how to cooperate and work as a team.

Taking your kids on a tour to Coorg can create lifelong memories you’ll all cherish. This beautiful place will offer an unforgettable holiday experience for those who love nature and wildlife. Abbey falls and Madikeri Fort is one of the best places one should definitely visit on a family trip.

The Madikeri Fort counts among the first places you should visit when you arrive in Madikeri with your family, as a way of paying respect to the region’s history. The magnificent fort was built by Muddu Raja in the 17th century.

Two life-size elephant statues will greet you as soon as you pass through the grand entrance gates. The premises also contain a tortoise sculpture, a museum, and a church that will for sure excite your children.

There is a saying that the fort is a bridge between the old and the new times. The State Archaeological Department converted a museum from St. Mark’s Church to showcase antique objects and historical items related to the fort and its surroundings. Most artifacts date back to the British era.

This might be an ideal place for your children to learn more about the Indian rich heritage and culture.

Exploring Coorg the mini Scotland of India with friends this season

Are you planning a trip with friends to Coorg? Get a taste of this beautiful hill station by visiting Coorg and exploring its beautiful roads with your friends.

Coorg is a perfect destination for bike trips with friends as there are many road trips to Coorg which offer extremely beautiful breathtaking views. Also, there are many off-beat destinations in Coorg which are unique and perfect for an adventurous road trip. March and June could be the best months to explore the beauty of Coorg with your friends.

The climate in Coorg is very much suitable for a road trip and the food found in this region is immensely delicious which helps to keep the hunger pangs away during the tour. Your friends will definitely love it.

The shopping paradise of India is waiting for you!

If you are visiting Coorg, don’t forget to do some shopping in the local market. Coorg is home to organic farming and natural products. Hence, you will find a variety of eye-catching items in the market

The best place for shopping in Coorg is Mysore Road. It is a wide, tree-lined avenue that has a number of big shopping malls, plenty of restaurants, and cafes.

Some of the well-known markets where you can go shopping in Coorg are Kushal Nagar Market, Food Banq, Choci Coorg, and Tibetan Flea Market. Here you will find a variety of spices and dry fruits at the Best prices.

The Coorg region has a tradition of crafting beautiful wooden furniture. If you are looking for some great souvenirs to take home with you, be sure to visit one of the many shops in the area.

As Coorg is a place that receives tourists almost every time of the year so the markets remain open every day. Avoid Markets of Coorg in the monsoon season as the region receives heavy rainfall between July to September


When you think of a quaint place to visit, Coorg comes to mind. With its picturesque countryside, magnificent hill stations, and beautiful waterfalls, it is one of the most sought-after destinations for a weekend getaway,  honeymoon destination, family outing, traveling with friends, or shopping.

Coorg is well connected by air, road, and railways. Mangalore airport is the nearest airhead to Coorg. It is situated 160 km away from the hill station. Whereas Mysore Junction has located 95 km from Coorg. The Railway station is well-connected to almost all the major cities in India.

Plan your trip and pack your bags to this beautiful land and experience the charm of nature in abundance.

However, if you are confused about your stay at Coorg, we recommend you to stay at IBNI Springs – The best resort in Coorg.

IBNI Springs is the budget resort in Coorg that has simple to luxurious accommodations with a customizable facility as per your demand.

There are no better places for travelers and tourists to stay in the vicinity than IBNI Springs where they can enjoy excellent hospitality, comfort, food, and luxury.

Click here to know more about the resort.

Coorg Wildlife in karnataka

Why is Coorg Paradise for Wildlife lovers?

Everything you need to know instantly about The COORG WILDLIFE That Wins Hearts of many Voracious Travelers

Coorg (Kodagu) district is the exotic hill station located in the western ghats in Karnataka, India. Explore this breathtaking place that is similar to Scotland. That is the reason Coorg is also known as ‘Scotland of India’.

The place boasts coffee and spice plantations, abundant flora and fauna, and rich diversity of wildlife. Nature and wildlife lovers visit Coorg and Madikeri every year to admire its stunning beauty.

You can visit and stay at the Best Resorts in Coorg(Madikeri) near wildlife sanctuaries where you get the Best Homestay offers and travel retreats.

Let’s talk about some of the Best Wildlife sanctuaries of Coorg, Karnataka where you can bask in the scenic surroundings.

Bhrahmagiri wildlife sanctuary

Entry Fee: Adults: INR 50/- and Children: INR 25 /-

Timings: 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM

The Best month to visit: September to March

This charming wildlife sanctuary extends to an area of 181 square km. Located in South West of Bengaluru on the borders of Wayanad of Kerala and Karnataka, is a one-stop destination for wildlife enthusiasts.

While you can trek the wild trails and explore Bhrahmagiri wildlife. You can find a great number of elephants and sambar. Moreover, Irupu Falls is the gateway to mountain ranges making it a popular tourist attraction.

Make sure to trek in groups or along with authorized forest department guides as you can witness wild elephants along the way.

Bhrahmagiri wildlife sanctuary

Nagarhole National Park

Entry Fee: Rs 150 per person

Timings: 6:45 am- 8:45 am & 4:00 pm – 6: 00 pm

The best month to visit: April and May

This park is also known as the Rajiv Gandhi National Park. The park expanding to an area of 642.4 square km.

This densely populated forest reserve is the abode of numerous Indian leopards, tigers, hyenas, and elephants.

And hence you can spot a variety of predators, especially tigers here. Located in the Mysuru plateau in the Karnataka and Nilgiri mountains,

this wondrous wildlife park is an attractive gateway for avid travellers who want to take a tour of the densely populated wildlife habitat of Karnataka.

Nagarhole National Park 1

Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

Entry Fee: Rs 10 per person

Timings: 7:00 am – 6: 00 pm (every day)

The best month to visit: November to March

This sanctuary covers an area of 92.65 sq km, wildlife lovers can peep into this great Indian sanctuary located in central-western ghats that steady their nerves.

The location exactly lies in Kumarahalli, Karnataka is one of the awesome 21 wildlife sanctuaries of Karnataka and the renowned bird sanctuary of the world.

However, this sanctuary is easily approachable by road. Also, the area is a plastic-free zone. Above all Pushpagiri is the highest peak for hiking. You can traverse through thick forests to witness the wildlife diversity of rare and endangered species of birds and animals.

Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

Talakaveri wildlife sanctuary

This spectacular sanctuary covers an area of 105 Square km in Bhagamandala, Karnataka.

The place lies in the division of Ranipuram hills and kottencheri hills of Kasargod district.

On the other hand, the origin of Talakaveri derives from the Cauvery river. It is enveloped in the tropical evergreen forest.

And hence the place is a shelter for various species. Above all Mt. Thavoor is the best trek in the lush greenery overlooking picturesque Bhagamandala.

Talakaveri wildlife sanctuary

Have you been to any of these wildlife sanctuaries? Do share your valuable experience in the comment section?

P.S. Interested in traveling to Coorg- Scotland of India? Book the Best Resort in Coorg (Madikeri) to enjoy the perfect holidays close to Nature.


How Traveling Solo can Help to Find Yourself – Benefits that can Empower you

Disclaimer: This article is not about business trips, vacations, or tours. It is about the importance of solo traveling that can transform you from inside.

Are you confused about whether I should travel solo or with a companion? Solo traveling can be daunting for some. But it is one of the eye-opening activities that an individual should do once in a lifetime.

I had chosen to travel to Coorg, Karnataka. I explored its staggering beauty and stayed at one of the best resorts in Coorg- Ibni Springs. I traveled without any partner. Now I can elaborate on the benefits of traveling solo, which I reaped during my journey to Coorg.

However, there are uncountable pros of traveling alone. But I am discussing only chief points that are advantageous and will boost your confidence plus remove your confusions arising out of fear and doubts about solo travel.

You learn to experience life and new skills which can help you in times of trouble. You start to handle pressures more effectively and efficiently. Moreover, your perspective to see the world drastically transformed.

You can travel solo successfully when you have the courage and willingness to do it. Afterward, you won’t find it weird or scary to move alone.

There is nothing like freedom. Hence It’s an exciting feeling. You start to meet new people, experience different cultures and their traditions. Exploring the unexplored opens up your mind to the unknown. And the feeling is thrilling.

Every conversation you crack, every challenge you take turns you into a different person. Overall you see the world altogether from varied perspectives.

Your heart chakra tends to open. You pay gratitude to even tiny things in life. You become humble and down-to-earth. You start to respect and value life and live it to the fullest. The main thing is that your door of living energy opens. You feel happy and get direction in life.

The young or the people who are unhappy, uneasy, and confused about their goals and objectives must travel alone to discover more about themselves. The downfall in life happens due to the lack of self-knowledge. Once you know yourself, you get to set clear goals in your mind to pursue. So pack your bags and get off to indulge with yourself.

Let’s Learn about the Extraordinary Benefits of Solo Travel:

Bring back your childhood:

benefits of solo-travel

While you are traveling, you don’t have any responsibilities on you. All you have to care about is your food and the place to sleep. With no obligations and expectations, you attain mental freedom and peace. You become a kid again. You don’t have to worry about the past and future as every day is a new adventure.

You become curious again and start to value little things in life. You do things you feel. For me, I showered under the best waterfalls in Coorg. Altogether it was an exhilarating feeling.

Hence play, dance, and have fun wherever you go. Travelling is like fireworks of emotions with time flies fast like in your childhood.

Escape the narrow space.

Solo Travel

We all live in our own narrow spaces. No matter if you live in any city or any nation. There is always a boredom routine that we follow every day with no spark of excitement and energy. Same as a cogwheel rotating with no life.

With travel, you break the machinery actions and escape the narrow space. Every country, city, or region has different cultures, traditions, and sets of beliefs. So when you experience something different, the idea of your culture and set of beliefs changes altogether.

While staying in the Coorg resort, I saw local Kodava people and learned about their everyday lives. I witnessed their daily activities and their idea to see life. Faking or showing off was not seen in their outlook.

They stay happy, content with whatever they possess in life. They have a welcoming approach for the guests. Do you care about your madness on little things, frustrations, and other doubts and fears! Well, you rethink it and become crystal clear of your perceptions and approach. So, this is how you embrace the positive change in your life.

Discover Your True Identity


When you travel, you become minimalist. You have a limited supply of things in your backpack. You understand what you require in life. The heavy burdens of being materialistic reduce drastically. With it, loads of burden on mind also diminishes.

You be yourself and don’t care about what other people think if they judge you. You meet new people and have deep conversations on varied topics. Your mental horizons expand to their limits. You learn from other people, listen to their experiences, their mistakes in life. Moreover, you have a lot of time to think and make a healthy decision.

Undoubtedly traveling forces you to come out of your comfort zone and appreciate little things in life. It all occurs when you face challenges along the way and settle down on your own. You can observe how you react to the oblivion situations. Meanwhile, the next time you don’t make the same mistakes again. Therefore you make better decisions subconsciously.

Consequently, Solo travel develops a set of high values, beliefs, and a lucid mindset. It helps in making firm decisions reflected in later aspects of your life.

You discover your desires, emotions, and what company you should choose to be. Overall it leads to a happy and healthier life. More than the pleasure of traveling, you seek the power of changing and evolving every day. Every one of us should do Solo traveling once in our lives.

Have you done Solo Traveling? Please share your valuable experiences in the comment section.

I hope you liked the article and it also gives you a sense of encouragement to travel alone.

Thanks for Reading!

love to travel coorg

Do you plan to visit Coorg? Why do people love to travel to Coorg or want to stay in Coorg? Have you picked the best homestay in Coorg? Hold on! How about cottages? It’s great to stay in a cottage that gives you warmth, comfort, and an experience that is completely unique.

Beautiful natural scenery and rich cultural heritage are hallmarks of Coorg. For adventure lovers and shutterbugs, this is the place to be. For nature lovers, this is an enticing place. There are waterfalls, historic sites, temples, a wilderness area, and the world’s best coffee plantation among other available attractions.

The following are some key facts about coorg:

  • Raja’s Seat is 3 Km
  • Abbey Falls is 9 Km
  • Tibetan Golden Temple at Bylakuppe has located 35 km from here
  • Iruppu waterfall is 77 km away
  • Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary is 125 km away
  • Mysore Palace, 125 km
  • 270 km from Bangalore

This is Madikeri, the main town in Coorg. The hill station itself is very small, but there are so many places to discover that it can be overwhelming. This is the Kashmir of the South or the Scotland of India!

Tourist attractions:

Raja’s SeatOmkareshwara TempleGaddige Tala Kaveri
Abbi FallsNagarhole Wildlife SanctuaryNisargadhama Deer Park
Tibetan Golden TempleIruppu waterfallDubare Reserve Forest & Elephant Camp

Where to stay in coorg?

A person should consider the budget before choosing a Homestay, its proximity to the city center, its amenities, and its free services.

With hundreds of budget resorts and hotels in Madikeri, Ibni Springs has become a leading name in the industry. It is located in an enviable spot connected to the prime spots and it has substantial complimentary services and facilities for a comfortable homestay in Coorg.

At the scenic location of Coorg, lies Ibni Springs. As you stay at the resort, you can feel natural vibrations in your body. A cozy atmosphere is created by the architecture. Effortlessly simple! It’s a decision you’ll never regret.

Ibni Springs already offers the best prices in comparison with all other hotels in Coorg, so budget is not a concern. Getting exclusive deals and packages is easy at reasonable pricing. Located in Madikeri, this hotel provides excellent service and facilities.

Guests are served with a high level of quality service at Ibni Springs.

  • The resort has a captivating-looking private Waterfall. The waterfall is a perfect place to relax under nature’s cover.

  • Air conditioning will be provided in your rooms, so the temperatures can be adjusted accordingly.

  • To prevent the guest from experiencing connectivity issues in the hill station, cottages are equipped with free Wi-Fi high-speed Internet access up to 100 Mbps.

  • Their rooms offer 42-inch LED TVs in which guests can enjoy themselves. Since all LEDs are connected to the Internet, watching the content of your choice will not be a problem.

Coorg Resort offers other activities

A campfire, music, and good company are a sure way for all to have a wonderful time. Remember sweet moments with loved ones. The most romantic feeling for the couples is having a heart-to-heart conversation sitting beside the bonfire, surrounded by peaceful nature.

Furthermore, dancing with friends and family members improves your mood and strengthens your relationships. In addition to trekking and hiking expeditions, Ibni Springs also offers outdoor adventures for adventure seekers who want to discover the staggering beauty of Coorg. The ultimate adventure awaits with trails that cover different terrains.

Specialties of Coorg Food

Additionally, make sure you experience Coorg’s popular local cuisine. There are also a variety of mouth-watering dishes to choose from, such as Pandi Curry with akki otti, Koot curry, and Kudamputtu. Additionally, you can satisfy your appetite with a choice of Indian and international cuisines.

Price information

Double occupancy inclusive of Breakfast                Rs. 4500*

Extra bed charges inclusive of Breakfast                 Rs. 750

GST @ 12% is applicable on the above rates.

Snacks & Beverages will be charged extra

Meal: Multiple (North/South Indian and cuisines)


Hot/Cold Running Water ParkingCeiling FanWifi
Towels and sheets are providedLawnMeals availableSatellite TV
GardenTea Coffee makerAir ConditionerSafety and Security


It is a splendid experience to visit Ibni Springs – The best Resort in Coorg, and guests always recall their vacations in Coorg with fond memories. Add a Homestay to your travel list!

For Direct Booking- +91 8877118861

Avoid Top 5 Travel Mistake

Avoid the Top 5 Travel Mistakes Right Now

Unravel the Top 5 travel mistakes that you must Avoid to Enjoy Amazing Holidays

Hey, are you planning to travel to your favorite destinations? But stop, don’t travel without these important things to keep in mind.

I know you are excited and can’t wait to get on the travel route to experience your exotic location. But if you are aware of the significant travel essentials, you can easily pave the way for a smooth journey and spare yourself from redundant stress.

So, Discover the Essential Things that can save you from hassles.


Need of cash while traveling

While most restaurants, shopping complexes, and the best resorts or hotels accept credit cards. Plastic cards should not be relied upon for your overall journey. You cannot use these cards with street vendors, taxi drivers, local transport, and other local vendors. Obtaining local services can leave you red-faced in case you have the unavailability of cash in hand. It is better to always keep the currency of a related country in your pocket.



You can’t lug with all those heavy suitcases to your trip. While keeping the packed material compact as much as possible is a beneficial skill. It can save you money, energy, and time. So it is better to be realistic about what you are going to carry with you. Pack with practical consideration and keep the load minimal.

Water bottle

Water Bottle need in travelling

Carry your water bottle wherever you go. Do consider that to refill the water bottle with fresh water only. Sometimes the places you travel, simple water can make your stomach upset as the water is coming from contaminated sources. Other than that, the ice used in cold drinks or water might also be coming to you from inappropriate sources.


Vaccination before travel

We all know that coronavirus has hit the world badly. The risk isn’t over yet. Thus, it is mandatory that wherever you go, avoid step ahead without the required vaccine shots. Meet your doctor before traveling and ask for advice if you are facing any additional health issues. Keep the vaccine report along in case the officials need to see it.


Avoid to much clothes while travelling

Do not dare to dress inappropriately at places where the culture is different from yours. You might end up offending locals of that area. Different cultures have different ways of dressing. Because either you might upset people or might be the centre of ridicule. Therefore investigate the cultural norms before traveling and dress accordingly.

If you think that I have missed something, do share your views in the Comment Section.

P.S. If you are planning to travel to an exotic destination that is close to nature. Then you can look forward to traveling to Scotland of India. Learn to know more.

10 Best Crazy Things to do in Coorg to make your trip unforgettable

So, are you excited to travel in Coorg or seeking an idea of the top things to do in Coorg?

In this article, we will be telling you how you can make your journey best by doing a multitude of enjoyable activities, explorations and adventures. These are the great things to do in Coorg.

The sprawling flora and fauna of Coorg, its vast nature, rich culture and heritage effortlessly develop our intimate relationship with its beauty, land and peaceful surroundings. Staying here is like receiving healing therapy. The environment here is invigorating to the senses and touching to the soul.

  • Dubare Elephant Camp – Bathe Elephants
  • Golden Temple – Experience Tibetan Culture
  • Abbey Falls – An Amazing waterfall
  • Coffee Plantation Tour – Surround Yourself With Endless Greens
  • Kaveri River – Go Fishing
  • Homestays – IBNISPRINGS Best Resort In Coorg
  • Barapole – Enjoy River Rafting
  • Virajpet Day Trip – A Breathtaking Avenue
  • Madikeri Fort – Heritage Tour
  • Quad Biking – Befriend The Muddy Roads
  • Wildlife Safari – Nagarhole National Park
  • Bird Watching – Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Holy Bath – Talacauvery
  • Rappelling – At The Waterfall
  • Microlight Flying – Fly Like A Bird
  • Civet Creek Camp – Experience The Adventure And Thrill
  • Iruppu Falls – Witness The Splash Of Cool Waters
  • Kushalnagar – Experience The Greenery
  • Night Mountain Drive In Coorg – Encounter The Night Thrill
  • Talacauvery – Experience The Serenity
  • Nisargadhama – Enjoy Natural Beauty

What are the Best 10 exciting and adventurous things to do in Coorg?

1.Go Camping for the sheer fun

coorg camping

Camping and spending your night and sleeping under an open blanket of the sky would be like killing the two birds with one stone. You would be looking at the vast sky, counting the stars and thanking God for your existence in this universe. There are a plethora of camping sites available in the raw wild where you can enjoy the local environment, thick forest, woods and you would certainly be in affinity with nature while camping in Coorg.

2.Awesome Trekking and Hiking in Coorg

Hiking camping activities at coorg

Trekking or hiking down to the beautiful mountainous trails of Coorg is a beatitude for most travellers. Tadiandamol Trek is the highest peak of Coorg stretched to an altitude of 5740 m. This trek is laden with flora and fauna flourishing all over the region. Besides, Trekking at trails of abbey falls trek, Irupu falls trek, Pushpagiri trek, Madikeri trek, and many more treks are waiting for you to tramp.

3.The pleasure of Cycling in Coorg

Cycling activities at coorg

Flare-up the cycler in you and pedal the popular cycling trips in Coorg. Cycling away from the madding crowds in the glossy greens and stunning vistas encash an individual to experience the excitement and a real holiday. Grab a bicycle tour in the lush green countryside side of Coorg.

4.Quad Biking – Next-level enjoyment

Coorg Quad Biking activities

Quad Biking can be done on the terrain. Perform natural terrain quad biking in Madikeri, Coorg. Unleash your biking skills and show off your love for adventure. Let the thrill overtake and accelerate the adrenaline rush in you. Have fun, riding through the rugged terrain of Coorg proximity to coffee and spice plantations. If you are an enthusiastic sports lover that would be the most enthralling experience for you.

5.Jeep safari- Have a superb experience

Coorg Safari in Jeep with Ibnisprings
Coorg Safari

Spark the wonder with the best jeep safari excursion in Coorg. Off-road Jeeps can be opted easily to explore Coorg’s marvellous beauty. To drive the jeep safari, professional drivers would be there to take you on an expedition to nature trails, slopes and terrains of Coorg. You can have wildlife and nature photography in between the safari. Moreover, a Jeep safari is beneficial if you want to observe and have a glance at the large area of Coorg in a short amount of time. So, jump on to the Jeep to taste a thrilling adventure.

6.Microflight for a real visual retreat

Microflight at coorg
Microflight at Coorg

Are you excited to explore Coorg from heights? Embrace the refreshing winds, capture the panoramic views, and spot the natural beauty of Madikeri like an Eagle. Your pilot will be there to support you on a flight. Afterwards, you can gaze at the astounding aerial views of Coorg. Breathe in the breeze and cherish the lifetime experience. Microflight can be a fun thing to do in Coorg.

7.Try Paragliding for stunning aerial views

Activity Paragliding at coorg

Fly through the air in a hand glider. Soar the best aerial views of Coorg like a hawk and sweep along with the blowing winds. This exultant expedition will surely make you feel alive. For most newbies, it might be daunting but as you fly over the area, you can experience the calming effects of the gusty winds. Paragliding is a must-try adventure activity as it gives priceless moments to cherish for a lifetime.

8.River Rafting- a wonderful adventure sport

River Rafting Activity at Coorg

Feeling pale and want some thrill. Get on to the river rafting, one of the popular activities of Kodagu. White water river rafting in the roaring river currents would give an electrifying experience to the river rafters. Guided rafting trips are available for the adventure enthusiast. With undulating water splashes of the river and the work of paddling in the group speeds up the adrenaline rush and generates ecstasy within you.

9.Experience Waterfall Rappelling

Waterfall Rappelling Activity at Coorg

Also known as Canyoning, is a wonderful sport that involves hanging and swaying from the altitude of a waterfall. Rappel down the scintillating waterfall from the cliff of a waterfall. Struggling to trudge down the rope with the heavy flowing water of the waterfall pouring upon you is an exhilarating and heart-pumping experience for most. These types of activities can be unusual things to do in Coorg. Numerous people swarm to witness the waterfall rappelling but only daredevils can perform. So if you are courageous enough then hike up your sleeves and get ready to encounter an exuberant sport.

10.Enjoy Fishing/Angling

fun things to do in coorg river rafting

Other things to do in Coorg are Fishing activities. If you do have a fancy for fishing or angling, or you are the one who just wants to try your hands at it? Then visit here, you will find the best fishing camps in Coorg. Capture the fishes with your awesome fishing techniques. The mighty river Cauvery emerging from Talakaveri and flowing from Bhrahmagiri hills of the western ghats spread into various tributaries is a great source for fishing activities. The sacred river is home to diversified aquatic lives. Pacify yourself on the banks of Cauvery and indulge in your favourite fishing activity.

India is a place that is full of holiday destinations. People usually resort to hill stations to get a respite from the hot and humid temperatures of the populated cities

If you also feel like visiting a place full of natural wonders leading to a perfect getaway, so pack your bags and bookmark this exquisite site called Scotland of India. Yes, we are talking about Coorg- The Scotland of India. A wonderful hill station in southern India, Karnataka. You can easily explore the numerous Best Places to Visit in Kodagu ( Coorg). You would be wondering why it is being called the ‘Scotland of India‘?

So the answer lies in its beauty. It is mesmerizing because of its sameness to the beauty of Scotland. Like Scotland, Coorg boasts breathtaking views, rugged terrains, astounding splendor. Coorg itineraries are all about the rich culture, wilderness, heritage and comfort.

Coorg previously named Kodagu covers an area of 4103 sq km. area of the western ghat. This is situated on the slopes of the western ghats in the state of Karnataka. It is also referred to as the wonderland in the heart of south southern Indian peninsula. It is mainly a landlocked region with no coastlines but has abundant scenic beauty and lush greenery.
The region is endowed with a rich cultural heritage and has a long history of coffee cultivation. It has an excellent climate, with the average annual temperature being 20 degrees celsius.
If you are tired of the busy city life then this amazing place is the best chance to relax in the lap of nature and experience true India.

Top 15 Attractive and Best Places to Visit in Madikeri, Coorg

Abbey Falls in Madikeri

1. Abbey Falls

Distance: 8 km from Madikeri

Best time to visit: July to October

Jessi falls, renamed Abbey falls or Abbi falls is an impressive fall cascading down from a height of 70 feet. Wonderful opportunity for the shutterbugs to capture this fascinating waterfall. Every year Abbey Falls is visited by countless visitors and is one of the best tourist attractions in Coorg. This place is a famous of Coorg and has been an iconic destination in Karnataka.

2.Chikihole Reservoir

Distance: 24 km from Madikeri

Best time to visit: June to March

Chiklihole Reservoir Coorg near Ibnisprings Resort Madikeri

Lies between Madikeri and Kushal Nagar, Chikihole Reservoir is a quaint place to explore. The dam is built across the river Cauvery and was built for irrigation purposes. It’s an incredible point to behold and to relax. There are green meadows and dense forests around the dam. During the sunset, the place looks outstanding. Do experience a moment of tranquillity here.

3.Dubare Elephant Camp

Distance: 29 km from Madikeri

Best time to visit: October and March

Dubara Elephant Reserve at coorg near ibnisprings resorg

A captivating elephant reserve where you get the chance to see the grace of domesticated elephants, their grooming, feeding, training of elephants, and various other activities in which visitors too can participate. Dubare has asian elephants which are protected and conserved by the Karnataka Forest Department.

It is the home of numerous wild and domesticated animals and birds. In addition to it, you can enjoy river rafting which can be adventurous and fun. This place is the most popular attractions to visit in Kodagu, Coorg with children.



Distance: 14 km from Madikeri

Best time to visit: November to January

Best place to visit at coorg

They are located in the Mahadevpet region of the Madikeri district. The area is surrounded by forest cover and is easily accessible to tourists at any time. Tucked at an altitude of 1800 from ground level. One can reach this magnificent place and enjoy the refreshing environment away from any commercial activities.

January is considered to be the best time to visit here as this is the time when the entire region is surrounded by mist. Fascinating views gave it the name ‘Mugilu-Peth’ or ‘Market of Mist’. Mandalpatti can be the best place to visit in Coorg with family

4.Harangi Dam

Distance: 33 km from Madikeri

Best time to visit: August to September

Harangi Dam coorg Madikeri

Harangi Dam is stretched at a height of 840 meters and is built across Cauvery. If something is left from your itinerary, then this is a must-visit place. During the rainy season profoundly flowing water looks stunning.

With no noise, pollution, or crowd, this place gives a holistic experience of serenity and excitement to visitors. Walking on the trails around the magnanimous beauty is rejuvenating. For photography lovers, this place offers spectacular views to capture.

6.Madikeri Fort

Distance: 850 m from Madikeri

Best time to visit: Any Month

Madikeri fort near best resort in coorg

Among 15 Coorg tourist destinations, this site is the heritage jewel of Coorg because of its grandeur beauty and prominent value in history. This fort was constructed by Mudduraja, the ruler of the Coorg (1633-1687).

A glorious empire in the green expanse of Madikeri holds marvellous architecture. To dominate, the inner fort where there was a temple named ‘Veerabhadra’ was demolished and rebuilt by the Britishers into a gothic-style Anglican church in 1855. Visitors take delight in exploring the rich cultural heritage of Coorg.

7.Omkareshwara Temple

Distance: 1 km from Madikeri Bus stand

Best time to visit: October to March

Omkareshware Temple at Coorg
Omkareshwara temple near Resort in coorg

King Ling Rajendra constructed Omkareshwara Temple in 1820. This sacred shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva and welcomes all people from different religions whether Muslims or Christians. The secret lies in its architecture portraying Islamic and gothic style structures. The uniqueness of its structure attracts myriad visitors which makes it one of the popular destinations of Coorg, Madikeri.


Distance:48 Km from Madikeri

Best time to visit: October-December


Talakaveri also known as the outset of river Cauvery is a beautiful tourist location in Coorg. Being the prime visitor attraction of Coorg, it is located on the slopes of the Brahmgiri hills near Bhagamandata at an altitude of 1276 m. Cauvery is one of the seven holy rivers in India and is also known as the Ganga of the south.
Talakaveri is one of the most important pilgrimage centers of this region and also a very popular tourist destination. There are three temples on Talakaveri premises which are dedicated to Lord Ganesha, Lord Agasthya, and Mata Caveri.
The government has recently renovated the temple to conserve the beauty and the historical significance of this place.
Despite its high religious importance, it is also famous for its unmatched scenic beauty and majestic hill views. It is the perfect place to spend some time with nature to relax and rejuvenate.

9.Raja’s Seat                                      

Distance:1.5 Km from Madikeri

Best time to visit: October to March

Raja’s Seat is a top tourist place to visit in Coorg which is just ten minutes away from the town of Madikeri, Karnataka. Raja’s seat literally means the ‘Seat of King’ because it is said that the kings of Coorg often came here with their families to relax and enjoy the beauty of this valley.
In contemporary times the reason behind the popularity of this place is its picturesque location, people are drawn to this place just to witness its breathtaking scenery of sunsets and sunrises.
Although this location has a beautiful setting, there are also other things to see at this site, such as the Gandhi Mandap, which houses the remains of Mahatma Gandhi. A museum and playing area for kids with a musical fountain make this location a perfect place for a family outing.

10.Nagarhole National Park

Distance: 67 Km from Madikeri

Best time to visit: October to May

Nagarhole National Park is named after the Nagarhole river passing through its rich dense forest. It is also known as Rajiv Gandhi National Park and is famous for its wildlife reserve. Nagarhole National Park is the 37th Tiger reserve of India and was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in the year 1999.

The wildlife sanctuary has become a favourite destination for adventure seekers and wildlife photographers over the years with enthralling flora and fauna. Nagarhole is the best place in Coorg for tourists to explore.
The summers here are usually dry with an average temperature of 33 degree Celsius whereas winters are quite pleasant with an average temperature of 14 degree Celsius which is ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities.
This reserve is home to a wide variety of predators, including Bengal tigers, leopards, hyenas, and sloth bears. Moreover, there are over 250 species of birds in the sanctuary. It is the best place to spend some time and explore the beauty of nature.

11.Brahmagiri Hills

Distance:84 Km from Madikeri

Best time to visit: October and March

Brahmagiri Hills is located in the Kodagu district of Karnataka at an altitude of 5357 feet. This place is famous for its breathtaking trek which starts from Irupu falls. The best time to visit the Brahmagiri Hills is between October and March when the weather is cool and pleasant.

The trekking trail is quite steep and challenging, but the views from the top are simply mesmerizing.
Brahmagiri hills are also loved by trekkers and visitors because of their panoramic views of the valley around. Come here and enjoy the beauty of nature by witnessing this stunning site.

12.Triveni Sangam

Distance: 35 Km from Madikeri

Best time to visit: October to March

Triveni Sangam is located near Madikeri and contains unsurpassed scenic beauty. Coorg has ample sightseeing places and one of them is Triveni Sangam. Triveni Sangam is the confluence of three rivers Cauvery, Kannike, and Sujyothi which makes it a popular site among devotees.

This place has a high religious significance people from all over India come here to take a dip in the holy water. Bhagandeshwara temple is also a famous temple near Triveni Sangam which is believed to be 1000 years old and built during the Chola dynasty.

If you are planning a trip to Coorg then don’t forget to visit this pious place, the beauty of Triveni Sangam will for sure blow your mind.

13.Namdroling Monastery Golden Temple

Distance:35 Km from Madikeri

Best time to visit: October to May

Namdroling Monastery also known as the golden temple is located in Bylakuppe. Surprisingly, Bylakuppe is the second-largest Tibetan settlement in India and the largest teaching center of the Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism in the world. This place is home to the Sangha community of over five thousand Lamas(both monks and nuns).

The reason behind this Monastery being called a golden temple is the presence of gold status inside the temple. This place is the best sightseeing place in Coorg. The walls of this pious place depict Tibetan Buddhism mythology.

The temple is beautifully constructed and well-maintained by the monastery. Visiting here will make you witness Mysore’s largest teaching centre where one can learn every aspect of Tibetan and Buddhism.
Amongst locals, this place is famous as Padmasambhava Buddhist Vihara. Not only this the initial structure of this Monastery is made up of bamboo sticks. There is also a shopping complex near the parking area. Must Visit this place and indulge yourself in the spiritual vibe of Buddhist culture.

14.Mallalli Falls

Distance: 53 Km from Madikeri

Best time to visit: July to December

Coorg, as we all know, is known for its scenic beauty and Mallalli Falls is another feather in its gap. It is a beautiful waterfall located in the lap of nature in the Kodagu region with a number of picturesque locations. The best time to visit this mesmerising place is during monsoons when one can enjoy the beauty of this fall to its fullest. You can consider it as the must visit places to visit in Coorg and appreciate its beauty.

There are 500 to 600 steps leading down to the waterfall. You will get a view of different angles of the waterfall as you go down. It is one of the most visited places in Coorg and is also called the pride of Karnataka.

15.Mercara Gold Estate Coffee Plantation
Distance:8 Km from Madikeri

Best time to visit: November to March

Mercara Gold Estate was established in 2002, it is mainly a coffee farm situated 8 Km from Madikeri. This farm is popular for its coffee and spices. The farm offers a 1-2 hour tour to its visitors where they get to know about different varieties of coffee and its roasting process.

Visitors can also purchase coffee and various spices from the farm. This stunning farm is a perfect bliss to this place.

Coorg is rich in culture which gives birth to various historical and religious places that attract millions of visitors every year. It is alluring because of its natural beauty and is one of the most visited places in India. Come here and enjoy the natural paradise on earth.   

An Unparalleled Stay at Ibni Springs Madikeri Resort

Deluxe Cottages at IBNI SPRINGS Resort In Coorg

Get away from the city chaos to the revered silence. Cool off from the life stresses and perch in the mother’s nature lap in Coorg, Madikeri. Ibni Springs Homestay is the best resort in Madikeri and an ideal holiday destination point.

Feel the exuberant ambiance around magnificent valleys, refreshing mist and verdant greenery of Madikeri.

The resort offers an excellent dining experience with a variety of delectable cuisines available. Relish the exotic foods with family and friends while sitting in a peaceful atmosphere.

We have our extraordinary designed wooden cottages with unrivaled interiors of palm wood and exteriors of bamboo. Cosy beds,
top-class amenities and flawless services are enough for you to drift away from the mundane life.

Ibni Springs Homestay is a popular Madikeri resort for couples in Coorg. We understand the privacy for couples and thus leave no stone unturned in making your holiday a romantic retreat. We provide you with private comfortable accommodations and a perfect setting to make your stay special with your lovely partner.

Here you don’t need to worry about the internet as you can avail free high-speed internet connectivity (up to 100 Mbps) in and around the resort. Stay in touch with the world with ultra-fast Internet access. Whether to upload and share photos and videos with friends on social or to complete your important work online. Get robust and secure wi-fi connectivity at the resort.

Amenities in IBNISPRINGS

Enjoy the games at a well-maintained badminton court. Different game activities at madikeri resort like mud games, badminton, football or volleyball could be a great way to stay healthy and to enjoy your favourite sport.
We arrange the hassle-free wandering around the wonderful locations of Madikeri. Capture the captivating beauty of Coorg by visiting the popular tourist attractions such as Abbey falls, Raja’s Seat, Madikeri fort, coffee plantations, Dubare reserve forest, Omkareshwara temple, Mandalpatti and much more. Our staff will guide you earnestly to make your holiday super special. Get on to cycling, trekking, and hiking to explore the everlasting beauty of the Coorg.

Bonfire nights and camping at the resort would be a spellbound experience. A fishing lake is a fascinating place at the resort for fish lovers.
Sit beside the private waterfall at our resort. Only the guests of our resort get the chance to gaze, smell and experience the rejuvenation of this spectacular waterfall for hours.

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