Dive into the respite and immerse yourself into the fun and frolic activities, ibnisprings bring about. With a variety of different adventures and playful activities in the Coorg – the Scotland of India, would be an enthralling experience for you. ibnisprings Homestay is the best resort in Coorg. We make sure that our guests would get the best services. Our expert travel guides will help you discover the famous places around, to make your vacation a perfect and a unique one.


Coorg Resort in Karnataka
Fulfill your fishing enjoyment in the artificial fishing lake designed by Ibnisprings cottages resort in Coorg. A beautiful reservoir to fish around the fishes on the banks of the fantastically built lake.


estate stay with Bonfire Resort activity
Enjoy bonfire night with dance and music to entertain, for families, friends or couples. Get together with closed ones around the bonfire, always calming to the senses and joyous moment.

Camping and Trekking

coorg resort in karnataka

An excursion around the incredible place of Coorg is a must-visit, which will be a mesmerizing experience. You won’t take your eyes off to the famous places of Madikeri. Get to know about the history of Coorg, an adventurous journey and alluring view of the mountains, and valleys to the resort vicinity in Coorg. Wander around the top destinations in Coorg.

Mud Games

Coorg Resorts For Couples in Karnataka
Bring back your childhood and play mud games or relax in nature’s 5 elements. Mud bath is also a great natural therapy which brings a glow to your face. Invigorate with this natural healing treatment or play around incorporating a distinctive entertainment.

 Shuttle Badminton

Shuttle Badminton Court
You can play ceaselessly to satiate your desire for the badminton game. Play badminton and show off your playing skills on the well-designed badminton court.


Cycling Activity at Madikeri
Take a part in a cycling tour. Explore the scenic views of the mountain ranges of Madikeri. Trek towards the fascinating locations and witness the picturesque surroundings and famous places of Madikeri, Coorg.
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Waterfall at Coorg Resort IBNISPRINGS
Ibnisprings homestay, the best resort in Coorg, Madikeri has its vast property around the resort. One of the finest attractions is the majestic waterfall behind. An eye-catching radiating beauty of the waterfall will give you peace of mind and feel like an everlasting serenity.