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Try these Top Things to do in Coorg (kodagu) for making your holidays unforgettable like hiking, trekking, river rafting, ziplining, waterfall rappelling, micro flight, and much more.

Coorg – The Scotland of India surely has some of the most impressive and unique things to do, much more similar to what you have been fancying in Scotland. Cast your everlasting memories by witnessing the most remarkable places in Madikeri, Coorg. This heavenly destination has a lot to offer for its visitors.

Top 10 Fun and Adventurous Things to do in Coorg

  1. Hiking and Trekking– Enjoy the landscapes
  2. Camping– Get close with nature
  3. Jungle Safari – Unfold the silence of the jungles
  4. Waterfall Rappelling– Make your heart beat faster
  5. River Rafting– Pump up the adrenaline rush
  6. Kayaking– Get a thrilling experience
  7. Bathing Elephants– Have fun with giant creatures
  8. Zip Lining–  Ride in sky with speed
  9. Quad Biking– Bring some action
  10. Paragliding– Explore nature from heights

1.Hiking and Trekking- Enjoy the landscapes

Long walks to natural trails could be the best activity available in Coorg. Trek or hike solo or with family and friends, this activity is definitely enjoyable for all. You can explore nature’s wonderful sights. Some of the suggested destinations to trek in Coorg are: Tadiandamol Trek, Iruppu Falls Trek, Pushpagiri Giri Trek, Kotebetta Trek, and Kumara Parvatha Trek.

2.Camping- Get close with Nature

A large number of camps are being organized in the nature’s lap of Coorg. Experience the best camping in the picturesque charm and pleasant weather of Madikeri. IBNI SPRINGS MADIKERI COORG- Best Resort in Coorg organizes camping for its guests and also recommends other best places to camp in the lush green coffee plantations of Coorg.

3.Jungle Safari – Unfold the silence of the jungles

Encounter the best wildlife jungle safari in Coorg. Best places to explore the enchanting piece of wilderness in Coorg are: Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary, Nagarhole national park, Talakaveri wildlife sanctuary, and Pushpagiri wildlife sanctuary are some of the densely forested reserves in Coorg where you can explore the unexplored.

4.Waterfall Rappelling- Make Your Heart Beat Faster

Quench your thirst for excitement with the amazing adventure activity in Coorg- Waterfall Rappelling. Push your limits amd boundaries with this fun filling and thrilling activity by abseiling from the cliff of a waterfall. One of the most impressive waterfall rappelling destinations in Coorg is   Chelavara Falls wherein you can experience the heavenly nature and take up a challenging adventure sport.

5.River Rafting- Pump up the adrenaline rush

Adventure lovers get the pinnacle rafting experience in Coorg. Drift and relax in the thrills and spills of mighty river Cauvery in Dubare. Popular and challenging rafting sites in Coorg are: Barapole and Dubare River Rafting. If you are true risk taker and adventure enthusiasts, you can begin your rafting trip in Coorg.

6.Kayaking- Get a thrilling experience

Enjoy the breathtaking experience of Kayaking and canoeing in Coorg, Karnataka.  Kakkabe river in Coorg is the best place for Kayaking activity. Slice your way through azure waters passing through magnificent landscape of Coorg with the amazing padding expedition of Kayaking.

7.Bathing Elephants- Have fun with giant creatures

Interact with these big creatures at Dubare Elephant Reserve in Coorg and have fun with elephants by observing and learning about their activities including bathing, feeding and playing in waters. Participate in the fun and frolic activities with these peaceful pachyderms. Have fun with elephants at Dubare Elephant Reserve and create beautiful memories.

8.Zip Lining-  Ride in Sky with speed

Elevate your adventure thirst with Zip Lining adventure activity in Coorg. Explore the pristine diversity of Coorg and pleasant surroundings with Zip Lining. Definitely not for the faint hearted.Grab this moment and define yourself with the amazing top things to do in Coorg. Try out Nisargadhama forests, Kodagu for the zip line adventure.

9.Quad Biking- Bring some action

Embark on a quad biking tour in Madikeri for the ultimate enjoyment. Explore the rugged terrains through bumpy roads and mountains. Test your riding skill on a tough road whilst falling in love with the natural beauty of Coorg.

10.Paragliding- Explore nature from heights

Fly off on the top of Coorg and explore a 360 degree bird’s eye view of the spectacular Coorg. Paragliding in Coorg is the best way of exploring Coorg through an aerial view. In the blowing gusty winds at a height of 4000 feet above the ground level, you will surely create amazing memories. So, spread your wings like a free bird flying and fulfil your dream of flying above the scenic beauty of Coorg.

Best Place to Stay in Coorg, Madikeri

To sense wonder and awe-inspiring adventure activities in Coorg, you are also required to stay or accommodate at property that is best in budget and quality. You are recommended to stay at IBNI SPRINGS MADIKERI COORG Resort which is the best Google Reviewed Resort in Coorg awarded by the Tourist Department of Karnataka. Staying at the Resort in Madikeri is a worthwhile experience for adventure lovers. Get a splendid and safe luxury experience and relax in the nature’s lap of beautiful Coorg.

Want to get relief from the noisy world? Either take a break from your routine or go to a peaceful and lovable place to spend your days. Coorg is a destination which you can consider visiting.

But Why Coorg?

Because Coorg has an environment that can make you lost, you will never want to return to your original place.

Coorg is a hill station situated in the western Ghats of Karnataka. Known for its wholesome climate, adventurous activities and resorts in Madikeri, Coorg India Scotland is no less than heaven for travel enthusiasts.

But, if you’re visiting here for the first time, you need to consider a few things that will help you make the most of your trip.

 Your Stay At Coorg

Coorg is a mini Scotland of India that welcomes tourists throughout the year, yet the best time to visit Coorg is between October to May. During this time, lakhs of tourists visit for adventurous activities, honeymoons, or to enjoy their best days. 

Therefore, to get the most out of your Coorg trip, you must decide your stay before peak season. The best resorts, including IBNI Springs, stay full during this time. So it will be better if you book your resort in Madikeri before this time.


Visit In the Peak Season If You’re An Adventure Lover

If you’re an adventure enthusiast, Coorg is the place for you. Get to the best resort in Coorg, ask which activities are included with their package and enjoy your day. 

You must try at least one of the adventure activities that happen in Coorg. From mountain trekking and river rafting to waterfall rappelling, you can choose any activity in Coorg.

However, do remember that the activities like mountain climbing and rafting happen only during certain months, so you must book your resort in Coorg accordingly.

Get a Private vehicle to Enjoy Beautiful Landscapes

If you’re travelling with your family or friends, you would want to spend a good time with them while simultaneously enjoying the landscapes of Coorg. In such cases, you must get a private vehicle to rent.

But remember, whether you’re travelling solo or with a group, you must avoid travelling at night because most of the remote areas of Coorg don’t have light, so it becomes difficult to see properly.

Secondly, most roads in remote Coorg areas are narrow and thus, driving at night becomes risky. Sometimes people also get lost due to similarities in the roads.

Unfortunately, you won’t easily get any private vehicles in Coorg unless you’re not staying in a good resort in Coorg like IBNI Springs. 

IBNI Springs offers the best taxi or cab services for tourists. Besides cab service, they are also known for their outstanding hospitality and guide you throughout your trip. 

Besides these essential things, you also need to consider the following while travelling to this beautiful destination:

  • Stay at the homestay or the best resort near Madikeri, such as IBNI Springs. Staying there would make you enjoy the raw culture of Coorg. Moreover, they offer almost every facility to make your trip memorable.
  • Coorg is best explored on foot. So it would be best if you pack some good quality shoes.
  • In Madikeri or nearby areas, you won’t find many ATMs, and people here are still not used to e-payment like UPI, so it is better to carry some extra cash.

Do not Miss Popular Attractions in Coorg

What is Coorg famous for? Many attractive places in Coorg grab your attention. You can’t miss out on the tourist places that are worth visiting like Coffee estates in Coorg, Raja’s seat, Omkareshwara temple, Tibetan Golden Temple, Dubare Elephant Reserve and much more. These could be the best places to enjoy in Coorg.

To grasp the beauty of Coorg in its entirety long walks on nature trails, trekking and hiking can be good options. Get the most breathtaking views at Mandalpatti, 30 km away from Madikeri. The undulating landscape and ceaseless series of hills will leave an indelible imprint on your mind.

If you are a waterfall lover then Abbey Falls, Mallalli falls, Chelavara falls, Iruppu falls and many other mesmerizing falls can be on your


Scotland of India is one such destination that needs to be visited once in a lifetime. You can find many cheap travel packages in Coorg to explore this majestic Madikeri fully.

There is no dearth of various adventurous activities in Coorg. Indulge in your favourite activities to do in Coorg. Whether it is river rafting, ziplining, jungle safari, waterfall rappelling, micro flight and lots of other activities to pump up your adrenaline.

Make your trip memorable by participating in these adventurous activities in Coorg. Suggesting you some of the best adventure places in Coorg that will recharge your senses and enjoy your favourite thrilling activities in Coorg.

1. River Rafting: Barapole River Rafting Base and Dubare River Rafting Base

2. Waterfall Rappelling: Nishani, Coorg

3. Jungle Safari: Nagarhole, Pushpagiri, Brahmagiri, Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary

However, there is a multitude of activities in Coorg that can keep you occupied all day and give you an unforgettable experience. Thus It would be a great idea to visit Coorg for a super fun weekend getaway.

Warpp, take a chance to live life to the fullest with no regrets.

Coorg perfectly portrays it as the Scotland of India. The beauty and the charm of this beautiful hill station have stolen the hearts of countless visitors and travellers. Kodagu was changed to the name Coorg because of the Britishers. The gem is located in the western ghats of Karnataka in the South. The climate here remains pleasant throughout the year which attracts people towards peace, comfort and a weekend getaway .

This is the place where nature and exotic ecosystems are in a cornucopia of aromatic coffee. Madikeri, a beautiful hill station and the heart of Coorg can be a haven for people looking for a retreat.

There are a number of reasons to travel in Coorg with a brief Coorg Travel Guide.

Coorg is famous for its extraordinary natural beauty. It will be worth visiting the place if you want to have an escape from a mundane city life.

Travelling to Coorg- The Best Tourist Place

Madikeri is a beautiful hill station in the district of Coorg or Kodagu. Often people confuse the two names Coorg and Madikeri. They somehow consider both as the same. But the basic difference is that Coorg is a district in Karnataka while Madikeri is a small town or hill station situated in the Coorg district.

If you are heading from Bangalore to Coorg, the distance between Bangalore to Coorg travel will be estimated as 270 km from NH 75. It is the fastest and safest route to Coorg. You can travel by bike, bus or cab. You can hire taxi and cab services from IBNI SPRINGS MADIKERI COORG Resort in Coorg where tourists’ accommodation is budget-friendly and high quality. Pick-and-drop services are easily available and they are just a call away.

Apart from this if you would like to reach the earliest you can use bus, train or flight. However, there is no direct route to Coorg if you travel by train. Mysore and Mangalore railway stations are the nearest stations to Coorg with a distance of 95 km and 134 km from Coorg respectively. From there you can catch a bus to Coorg which will take around 3-5 hours of journey.

Moreover, if you are opting for a flight, Mangalore International Airport is the nearest airport at a distance of 160 km. In a similar manner suggested above, you can choose your mode of transport to Coorg according to your convenience.

Coorg is an idyllic weekend getaway for most travellers. The enchanting beauty is unparalleled to soul seekers and nature lovers. Let’s check out the reasons for this inexplicable beauty and find out the reason why it is worth visiting Coorg.

As you enter Coorg the invigorating coffee aroma welcomes you and activates your olfactory glands leading to an uplifted mood.

To obtain a proper Coorg Travel Package you can enjoy the best homestays in Coorg- IBNI Springs Madikeri Coorg. They will guide you throughout your journey to Coorg and explore its wonders. Accommodation here is immensely peaceful and comfortable. Enjoy the pleasant natural environment by sitting beside the private waterfall located at the back of the Resort accessible only to guests of the Coorg Resort – IBNI Springs.

Experience the Coorg trip more like a local rather than an outsider. You can enjoy and mingle with the environment of Coorg in a better way. Here are some tips for a smooth trip and exploration.

Drive slow:

If you are driving on your own or travelling somewhere within Coorg, be extremely careful with the roads. The roads could be bumpy and sloppy. As it is a Madikeri, a hill station so there might be many twists and turns which need to be handled carefully. Although you will come across scenic landscapes of Madikeri, keep your eye on the road, minding the distance limit while travelling along with the long stretches of the road.

Keep Cash Handy:

There are fewer chances for shopkeepers to accept electronic modes of payment. Also, you cannot find banks and ATMs nearby the area easily. The area is a hill station so network connectivity is weak. You need to prepare beforehand to keep a good amount of estimated cash with you. Reserve your Coorg homestay before entering Coorg and keep all the confirmations in advance so you won’t face any hurdles in the exchange of money.

Respect local people and have a basic knowledge of their traditions:

It is a basic understanding that we should not hurt anyone’s sentiments. The Kodava community and their culture are different from other regions. Smoking is prohibited in the region. As it is a nature site so avoid throwing any trash on roads. Respect the religion and avoid any public display that seems inappropriate to others. Keep a warm and humble gesture with everyone you meet. To avoid offending anyone directly or indirectly, gain a basic knowledge of the local lifestyle and culture of Coorg.

In addition to these it is advisable to keep yourself updated with the latest local news of this region so you can keep a track on the activities going around or never miss any important information crucial to your journey.

After having visited this beautiful hill station in Karnataka you could finally say that you have finally witnessed Coorg- The Scotland of India.

So, these are the Coorg Travel tips and guides that could be helpful in your journey to Coorg.

Have a Safe Journey!

love to travel coorg

Do you plan to visit Coorg? Why do people love to travel to Coorg or want to stay in Coorg? Have you picked the best homestay in Coorg? Hold on! How about cottages? It’s great to stay in a cottage that gives you warmth, comfort, and an experience that is completely unique.

Beautiful natural scenery and rich cultural heritage are hallmarks of Coorg. For adventure lovers and shutterbugs, this is the place to be. For nature lovers, this is an enticing place. There are waterfalls, historic sites, temples, a wilderness area, and the world’s best coffee plantation among other available attractions.

The following are some key facts about coorg:

  • Raja’s Seat is 3 Km
  • Abbey Falls is 9 Km
  • Tibetan Golden Temple at Bylakuppe has located 35 km from here
  • Iruppu waterfall is 77 km away
  • Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary is 125 km away
  • Mysore Palace, 125 km
  • 270 km from Bangalore

This is Madikeri, the main town in Coorg. The hill station itself is very small, but there are so many places to discover that it can be overwhelming. This is the Kashmir of the South or the Scotland of India!

Tourist attractions:

Raja’s SeatOmkareshwara TempleGaddige Tala Kaveri
Abbi FallsNagarhole Wildlife SanctuaryNisargadhama Deer Park
Tibetan Golden TempleIruppu waterfallDubare Reserve Forest & Elephant Camp

Where to stay in coorg?

A person should consider the budget before choosing a Homestay, its proximity to the city center, its amenities, and its free services.

With hundreds of budget resorts and hotels in Madikeri, Ibni Springs has become a leading name in the industry. It is located in an enviable spot connected to the prime spots and it has substantial complimentary services and facilities for a comfortable homestay in Coorg.

At the scenic location of Coorg, lies Ibni Springs. As you stay at the resort, you can feel natural vibrations in your body. A cozy atmosphere is created by the architecture. Effortlessly simple! It’s a decision you’ll never regret.

Ibni Springs already offers the best prices in comparison with all other hotels in Coorg, so budget is not a concern. Getting exclusive deals and packages is easy at reasonable pricing. Located in Madikeri, this hotel provides excellent service and facilities.

Guests are served with a high level of quality service at Ibni Springs.

  • The resort has a captivating-looking private Waterfall. The waterfall is a perfect place to relax under nature’s cover.

  • Air conditioning will be provided in your rooms, so the temperatures can be adjusted accordingly.

  • To prevent the guest from experiencing connectivity issues in the hill station, cottages are equipped with free Wi-Fi high-speed Internet access up to 100 Mbps.

  • Their rooms offer 42-inch LED TVs in which guests can enjoy themselves. Since all LEDs are connected to the Internet, watching the content of your choice will not be a problem.

Coorg Resort offers other activities

A campfire, music, and good company are a sure way for all to have a wonderful time. Remember sweet moments with loved ones. The most romantic feeling for the couples is having a heart-to-heart conversation sitting beside the bonfire, surrounded by peaceful nature.

Furthermore, dancing with friends and family members improves your mood and strengthens your relationships. In addition to trekking and hiking expeditions, Ibni Springs also offers outdoor adventures for adventure seekers who want to discover the staggering beauty of Coorg. The ultimate adventure awaits with trails that cover different terrains.

Specialties of Coorg Food

Additionally, make sure you experience Coorg’s popular local cuisine. There are also a variety of mouth-watering dishes to choose from, such as Pandi Curry with akki otti, Koot curry, and Kudamputtu. Additionally, you can satisfy your appetite with a choice of Indian and international cuisines.

Price information

Double occupancy inclusive of Breakfast                Rs. 4500*

Extra bed charges inclusive of Breakfast                 Rs. 750

GST @ 12% is applicable on the above rates.

Snacks & Beverages will be charged extra

Meal: Multiple (North/South Indian and cuisines)


Hot/Cold Running Water ParkingCeiling FanWifi
Towels and sheets are providedLawnMeals availableSatellite TV
GardenTea Coffee makerAir ConditionerSafety and Security


It is a splendid experience to visit Ibni Springs – The best Resort in Coorg, and guests always recall their vacations in Coorg with fond memories. Add a Homestay to your travel list!

For Direct Booking- +91 8877118861