Ibnisprings Homestay is one of the best resorts and hotels in Coorg delivering the highest quality guest services. Our esteemed guest experiences the best comforts and luxury during their stay.

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The extravagance of the best resorts in Coorg/Madikeri will leave you spellbound.

Every nook and corner of the resort is unique in every sense and cannot be compared anywhere else in Coorg.

Depicting Coorg’s rich cultural heritage and tradition, this land has the innate serenity and everlasting beauty that creates blissful impressions on the mind of travellers.

Ibnisprings Homestay is the top choice for travelers and tourists to stay and enjoy excellent hospitality, comforts, food and luxury in one place. We leave no stone unturned in making your vacation wonderful.

Main Facilities to Visit

Free High-speed Wi-Fi
The Internet is one of the necessities of our daily life. Before entering a resort, a tourist always wonders whether he would get free Wi-Fi or not? So don’t worry at all. We have resolved this issue by providing you with free high-speed Internet connectivity (up to 100 Mbps) in and around the resort. So, stay connected with the world online 24/7.

Explore the authentic flavours of Coorg.
Ibnisprings restaurants serve high quality and the best traditional multi-cuisines. Burst your taste buds with gastronomic delights along with a unique dining experience. Eat like a Kodava in Coorg around magnificent surroundings. Free Breakfast service a

Taxi Service
If you are having trouble reaching our resort, then to save your precious time, we provide pick and drop off services. Just book your taxi and let us manage your travel. You need to inform us at the reception to book your pick and drop service.

IBNI Springs Mission & Vision



Providing extraordinary quality services and maintaining the consistency of excellence is our mission. We ensure, our guests would get the best privileges and exceptional experiences during their stay at the Ibni Springs resort. Responding to the needs of our guests by giving them personalized attention and further nurturing long-lasting amicable relationships is our topmost priority.



We focus to enhance the resort’s outlook, it’s services and facilities to the world-class quality level so that our guests would get a top-notch experience like never before. We endeavour to transform and update our resort with high-quality products and services. We innovatively infuse new ideas to improve the experience of our guests. Making the Ibnisprings Homestay the topmost destinations for a luxurious stay in the world is our clear vision.

Amenities in IBNISPRINGS

To cater to customer needs, we arrange the essential requirements which bring comfort and value for money to our guests.

1.Free High-speed Wi-Fi

We very well understand that a fast and smooth Internet is an indispensable luxury for the guest. And hence our resort is rigged with fast internet Wi-Fi connectivity (up to 100 Mbps). Whether to update social posts or to complete professional tasks, with unlimited free and fast Internet usage, you can remain connected online all the time.

2.Cheerful Restaurant

A cheerful ambience restaurant is open to emanate a variety of culinary options prepared by our experienced chefs. Exquisite dishes from different regions especially Coorg’s unique taste would make you drool.

3. Pick up and Drop Taxi Service

Our resort takes due care in making your journey hassle-free. For this purpose, you can book a swift Pick and drop taxi facility from the airport to the resort or vice-versa. Our well-trained drivers will be available for you at the specified location and would assist you in placing your luggage in the taxi and travel.

4. Recreation

Several indoor and outdoor activities in ibnsprings resort serve as the purpose of recreation which further adds to the enhanced leisure experiences for the guests. Fun, playful and sports activities such as mud games, badminton, dance and music along with the brilliant bonfire, fishing, hiking, trekking or cycling and much more will refresh your mood. Apart from this, watching the natural waterfall behind the property is a pleasurable feeling altogether.

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Here are the frequently asked questions (FAQ) that are the general questions asked by people. If you have any other questions please do mail us.

  1. What is the check-in and check-out time of the resort?

You can Check-in: 13:00 (01:00 PM) and Check-Out: 11:00 AM.

Early Check-in & Late Checkouts are Subject to Availability.

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“Indescribable feelings that can’t be expressed in words. Ibni Springs resort in Coorg is the best resort I have ever seen. I came here with my family. We enjoyed and cherished every single moment during our stay. The hospitality is remarkable. I wish to visit the resort soon again  !!!”

Ajay Kapoor

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