Ibni springs homestay is an impeccable resort and hotel to visit and enjoy an indelible and relaxing stay. We are committed to gush you with an utmost hospitality.
We assiduously look after our customers and provide them the wonderful experiences during their leisure or sabbatical stay. Ibnisprings best resort in coorg that assure to offer out the good comfort and astounding ambiance with meticulous luxury and gentleness.

Equipped with the newest technologies within the resort you will not regret. Our resort is a blend of recent and traditional accommodation to reinforce a smoother experience.


Weather you come along with your family,friends or spouse, you’ll encounter spacious area embroidered with heavenly comfort and tranquility. For enjoyment, you’ll proceed to the spectacular locations around. Fishing at the fishing lake will be an outstanding experience for fish lovers.This good natural fishing environment will fulfill your fishing enjoyment.

Holidays without music and dance? It’s unlikely and thus you’ll groove on music round the blazing bonfire. Camping and trekking with the arrangement of entertaining games along the way adds to the enjoyment and excitement during your stay.

Games like mud games,shuttle badminton, cycling and tons more you will not miss out. Last but not the least, splendid natural waterfall behind the resort will offer you an enriching experience you never had before.