Ibnisprings Homestay respects the privacy of our guests, customers or clients and is committed to ensuring that each piece of information shared with us must be in the notice of our customers.

We also make sure that any personal information shared with us remains confidential. The motive of collecting personal information is purely dependent on providing quality services, products and authentication of the genuineness of our clients/customers. We may ask voluntarily to furnish us with personal details and necessary information which can be used further in a limited fashion to serve or to update advertisements/information better to clients.

Please read the privacy policy carefully and use our products and services with

discretion. By agreeing to the privacy policy, you acknowledge that your personal information can be processed and accessed to the terms and conditions of the privacy policy. You have the choice to disallow or to reject the Privacy Policy further denying the usage of our products and services.

What Information does Ibnisprings gather?

Personal details like gender, name, title, occupation, government-issued identity verification for confirmation of nationality, your signature, residence, contact number, etc.

The purpose of this is to satisfy ourselves as to your identity. For credit card holders, name of cardholder, and necessary information collected.

How do we handle your data?

Information collected by us will be maintained in our database and records for providing

superior quality services and amending it from time to time.

For making reservations online we deliberately ask you to furnish details like

name, address, email id, phone number, credit card information.

We will be using your email address for sending information for the reservation of a room in the resort, date of reserving a room, payment confirmation, services provided by us with the package you have applied for, area details, weather, etc. For Reservation in the resort, we may also ask travel details like flight numbers, arrival, departure dates/times, destination.). To serve you better by preparing ourselves beforehand.

Our servers will save your browsing details automatically like IP address, location, device, Cookies and data for visiting our page which allow us to optimize our products and services for further recommending and serving you according to your needs and preferences. This information is secured in secure logs on our servers. We may use this information with third parties and our business vendors like payment processors, email delivery services or advertising services etc. for better understanding and holistic view of the number of visitors, occurring errors, debugging, mobile and web analytics, telecommunications, advertising, etc.

We contractually prohibit all this personal information for any personal usage and require certain services for third-party vendors for which they are appointed.


Cookies are temporary files and a mechanism to save a user’s visit on the website. This helps in smoothen the experience of the user if he has been frequently accessing the website. The information collected in

cookies is IP address, type of browser or operating system, the date and time, website visited before the current website, etc. We use cookies to help us recognise the user visiting and enhancing the content on our site. However, you will be restricted to the content on our website if you voluntarily disable cookies. Cookies will be disabled automatically if you terminate the website and further, you have the choice to deny or delete the cookie from your browser settings. However, it is important to enabling cookies for the best user experience.

We reserve the right to disclose any personal information served by you if we are compelled to do so by any court of law or requested to do so by any government authority. We also hold the right to retain the information and process such information to

comply with accounting and tax rules and regulations.

We do not sell or make profits by selling your personal information. Our chief requirement is to execute and optimize our products and services for the best user’s personalised experience.

Data security

Information transmitted over electronic mode is kept safe by us. We strive best to ensure the safety of

information and use it always in good faith. But we do not guarantee or the

100 per-cent safety of information over electronic storage as the method of transmission over the Internet is not secured.

Children Policy

This privacy policy does not accept the information submitted by children or

minors. We are not intended to solicit or collect data from children. As a guardian, please do not allow your children to submit data on the site without permission.

Changes to the policy

We may modify privacy policy if found necessary for further amendments. The updated version of the policy will be reflected on the website as soon as revision is made. You can check the date of the last policy amended in the privacy policy section. Any changes to the policy will be effective from the date of posting on the website. Such changes will be binding on your acceptance of the privacy policy.

Contact for any enquiries/assistance, please feel free to email us at ibnisprings@gmail.com