As we know that In these adverse times of Covid-19 Pandemic the world is going through tough times. Ibnispring Homestay resorts took great care and attention to our guests and employees to combat corona virus and let our guests enjoy a pleasurable holiday.

Our resort was temporarily shut down because of the pandemic situation but now we have come up with new zeal by updating and adjusting our health and hygiene standards.

It is our top priority and responsibility to provide you with maximum hygiene to prevent coronavirus and make your stay safe and comfortable.

We are prepared to take stringent actions to fight off coronavirus. There is an implementation of rigorous rules and regulations on hygiene and safety.

All our staff is equipped with proper safety gadgets, equipment, and necessary resources which act as a safety wall against Covid-19.

We introduced new safety and health initiatives by following the WHO  recommendation and guidelines at our resort.

Our safety guideline constructed accordingly WHO protocols with the assistance of local health services and private sanitisation agencies. We are in constant close contact with medical professionals to enhance maximum safety precautions to protect the health of our workers and guests.

We have our undivided attention to the frequently changing guidelines and we are taking prompt actions in advancing or modifying the protection measures significant to oppose the deadly virus.

Every possible step has been taken to minimise the risk of coronavirus. All our staff has been well trained to comply with the safety protocols and to deal with suspects suffering any corona symptoms.

The utmost care and attention are given to cleaning services. Resort and all its rooms are fully cleaned and disinfected thoroughly from time to time.

Masks and sanitisers are readily available when needed. Contactless services are encouraged, digital cash transactions are preferred and certain spots in the resort are marked with stickers signifying social distancing. To prevent any contamination, food hygiene is being monitored constantly. Temperature screening on entry gates and contactless check-in and check-outs are given priority. We adhere to the strict security plan if any individual needs to be quarantined.

We rely on authentic government sources.

Latest information and reports are recorded by our dedicated safety staff. Necessary changes are put to action immediately and the best prevention practices are performed.

We urge all our customers to please refer to government policies on coronavirus before travelling. If you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms, please report to our staff immediately so that appropriate steps could be taken for your well being. It will save others by preventing the virus spread. Please keep using masks and maintain social distancing by cooperating with mentioned guidelines at the resort.

We aim to bring back to normal life by coping up with the global threat of Covid-19 attack. We are prepared to tackle the ongoing pandemic. Your safety is our priority and we are committed to ensuring your health, protection and well-being.

We continue to let you stay updated with upcoming changes to guidelines and policies. Please look for this space for such information.