Whooped it up the Unique Traditions and Culture of Coorg

A well known place the Scotland of India which is famous for its beautiful landscapes, scenic beauty, and rich cultural heritage. The Coorg known as Kodagu, which is a district in Karnataka, India. The traditions and culture of Coorg is the one on which Coorgi people are most proud of, a culture which they have preserved for centuries.

Throughout the centuries, Kodagu has been ruled by various dynasties, resulting in the adoption of numerous cultures and traditions. The Kodavas are one of the indigenous communities of Kodagu. Who have been living at there ancient times. They are members of a community consisting of hunters, warriors, and rulers.

Coorg is resemblance to the scenic beauty of the Scottish landscape. For that it called as Scotland of India. The history of the Kodavas is rooted in their traditional attire and rituals. The ancient tribe used to worship Mother Nature and even today, they continue to follow the same clan system, which involves maintaining unique family names.

Let’s Know more about Festivals of Coorg

One of Coorg’s unique traditions is how they celebrate their festivals. The people of Coorg celebrate their festivals with great zeal and enthusiasm. They wear traditional dresses, perform traditional dances, and cook traditional food. The festivals of Coorg are known for their unique rituals and customs. The Coorgis celebrate three significant festivals: Puthari, Kail Polud, and Kaveri Sankramana. The Kodava community typically follows the practice of offering meat and alcohol to their ancestors and village deities.

One of the most popular festivals of Coorg is the Kailpodh Festival. It is celebrated in September every year. The festival is celebrated to mark the beginning of the harvesting season. At the time of the festival, the Coorgi people perform a dance called Kailpodh, a part of their traditional dance form.

The popular festival of Coorg is the Puthari Festival. It is celebrated in November every year. The festival is celebrated to mark the end of the harvesting season. At the time of festival, the Coorgi people worship their gods and goddesses and offer them their first harvest.

The festival of Kaveri Sankramana is celebrated in Coorg in October. The festival is celebrated to commemorate the birth of the river Kaveri. The goddess Kaveri is worshiped in every home when the water is nourishing, following a specific time and day. The ritual known as Kani Puje is frequently performed with the adornment of coconut and cucumber.

You can experience all these festivals at IBNI SPRINGS, Madikeri, Coorg, where you can enjoy the true essence of Coorg. The Coorgi people are also known for their love for sports. One of the most popular sports in Coorg is the game of hockey. Coorg has produced many national and international hockey players. The people of Coorg are passionate with sports like football, cricket, and athletics.

coorg foods

Food of Coorg

The food of Coorg is the best highlighting point of their culture. The Coorgi people are known for their spicy and delicious food. Coorg’s cuisine reflects the region’s rich history, diverse geography, and vibrant culture. The Coorgs primarily rely on boiled rice and rice gruel as their staple food. Rice thrives abundantly in the valleys of Coorg.

The commonly consumed non-vegetarian items include pork, chicken, crabs, and river fish. Beef is not allowed in this location. Here, a popular steam-cooked dish known as Puttu is widely renowned for its diverse range of flavors.

Puttu is available in various shapes, each representing a different type. Some of the popular dishes of Coorg are Pandi Curry, Kadumbuttu, Nool Puttu, and Bamboo Shoot Curry. The food of Coorg is cooked using traditional methods and ingredients, which give it a unique taste and flavor.

Describe about the “Traditions of Coorg”

The traditional dress of Coorg is the important aspect of their culture. The men wear a traditional’ Kupya’ dress, and the women wear a ‘Saree.’ The ‘Kupya’ is a long-sleeved coat worn over a shirt and a ‘Mundu.’ The ‘Saree’ worn by women is made of silk or cotton and has a unique design.

the Kodava tradition, witness a ceremony known as Nari Mangala. Tiger-killing ceremony is a traditional event held to honour individuals, both men and women, who have successfully hunted a tiger at least once. The individuals are seated and given a special honor by displaying a tiger on the bamboo scaffold.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit IBNI SPRINGS, Coorg, it is an experience you should not miss. The Kodava Festivals and Traditions are celebrated with incredible fun, joy, and happiness, as you can witness. They joyfully sing their traditional folk song and gracefully dance to the enchanting melody. The entire family gathers to enjoy a delicious feast of meat and spirits.

The Coorgi people are also known for their love for nature. Coorg is home to many natural wonders like waterfalls, forests, and wildlife. The people of Coorg take great pride in preserving their natural heritage and are known for their eco-friendly practices.


The traditions and culture of Coorg are unique and fascinating. The people of Coorg have preserved their traditions and culture for centuries and are proud of their heritage. The festivals, food, dress, and sports of Coorg are a reflection of their rich cultural heritage. If you ever get a chance to visit Coorg, make sure you experience their unique traditions and culture. what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, and let’s celebrate the unique culture of Coorg together at IBNI SPRINGS MADIKERI COORG RESORT.