Monsoon in Coorg Madikeri Karnataka- The Best time to visit Coorg

Do the visitors have a good time in Coorg during Monsoons? Why not? Enjoy the enchanting weather in Coorg during the monsoon season. You can see the beauty of Coorg in its full swing during this season.

Monsoon is a season of rejuvenation where the wind blows, raindrops pour upon, petrichor penetrates the nostrils and the sweet taste of rain drops craves you to have some hot snacks and beverages. Believe it, this is the perfect weather in Coorg to travel.

The beauty of the monsoon in Coorg advent from June to September. Temperature can be expected somewhere between 22 – 26 degrees celsius. A monsoon season where Coorg experiences much greener vistas. This wonderland is suffused with deep nature views that are astonishing to watch. Make your trip amazing in Coorg in the Monsoon season and explore the Majestic locations around.

The rates of hotels, resorts and cottages in Coorg slashed down this season due to the thin number of visitors. So you will find less crowd which will let you enjoy your trip smoothly.

Things to take care of during Monsoon in Coorg:

  1.  Weatherproof your Travel essentials 

During Monsoon you should be keeping an extra pair of umbrellas, raincoat and clothes with you. Do not forget to have waterproof luggage so you can save all your important material from the onslaught of Rain and withstand the dripping wet situation.

  1. Wear appropriate shoes

Do not forget you are at the hill station and there are high chances of accidental falls on terrains. To avoid slipping, wear slip-resistant shoes. To prevent falling it is imperative to wear the right footwear. Better to keep falls at bay to avoid any injuries or accidents.

  1. Stay safe from Leeches

During monsoon leeches- so-called bloodsuckers can welcome you on trekking trails. It is better to wear full-length clothing and cover your body properly. Apart from this, you can carry leech or mosquito repellents like sanitisers, disinfectants etc. to prevent these creepy crawlies on your body.

  1. Stay updated with the News

Monsoon is an enjoyable and thrilling season to travel but It is imperative to keep your eyes like a hawk on the local activities and the news. So, stay away from visiting any dangerous locations in Coorg where there are landslides, floods or jams due to heavy rains.

  1. Avoid any unhygienic food

If you just could avoid the consumption of street food and choose the source of food and water wisely you can potentially save yourself from the risk of contamination and infections. Carry your water bottle along the way and eat only fresh and healthy food.

In conclusion, you should keep a proper diet, stay away from any unhygienic conditions, and consult a doctor immediately if you see any signs of catching an infection.

It is best to prepare for the worst situation and make preparations beforehand. So pre-plan to enjoy the most of your vacation during the monsoon season. After all, Prevention is better than Cure.

Have a Happy Journey!