Best Time To visit Coorg –The Mini Scotland of India

Are you planning to visit Coorg,Karnataka but unable to decide the best time to visit there?


Well, Coorg is indeed a beautiful place situated in the lap of the mountains surrounded by natural waterfalls, lakes, and some amazing landscapes.

It is also known as Scotland of India and due to its pristine beauty, it counts among one of the top places to visit in Southern India.

Coorg is referred to as a perfect destination for a romantic getaway or a road trip away from the stress of city life. Also, its soothing weather and unique landscape make it a popular destination throughout the year.

There is nothing like this stunning destination in Karnataka, with its old-world charm, splendid attractions, and adventurous terrain.

However, if you are planning to visit Coorg there might be a lot of confusion in your mind when it comes to the best time to visit Coorg , the best Coorg resorts, and other details about this fascinating area.

So, to give you some clarity, let us throw some light on the perfect season or month to visit Coorg. Keep reading till the end.

Coorg is a Little piece of paradise and destination that surpasses all expectations!

The southwestern part of Karnataka with an estimated population of 5 lakh offers some majestic things which you will never find in the busy environment of metro cities.

Coorg is a place that has a moderate environment, and breathtaking sceneries all around the year therefore, you can find travelers visiting almost every month here.

With the natural beauty, delicious local cuisine, and captivating aromas of the coffee plantation this location has everything one needed for a peaceful trip.

But, let us discuss the best season or month to spend holidays in Coorg and get away from the city crowd. The best time to visit Coorg this magnificent Coorg is between October to March when you will get a scenic view of post-monsoon. Visiting Coorg between October to March is the finest time to enjoy all the adventurous activities, especially trekking.

Best Season to Visit Coorg: India’s Most Favorable Destination

Coorg is a place where every season is perfect for different activities. It is an unexplored paradise for all those who are looking for a perfect mix of nature, adventure, and culture. The summers in Coorg are full of fun activities such as exploring the forests, treks, zip lining, and cycling.

It’s a mesmerizing hill station located in the Western Ghats of South India. You can explore the magnificent valleys with beautiful landscapes, aromatic coffee plantations, flora and fauna, and so on.

Its pleasant climate and spectacular landscape are not only an ideal destination for Indians, but it attracts thousands of other travelers from different parts of the world. At the Coorg, the temperature doesn’t fall below 10°C and rises above 40°C. Therefore you can walk and trek with your buddies while enjoying the beautiful scenery and landscape.

A gorgeous summer escape in Coorg with spectacular sceneries

The summer season in Coorg begins in April and lasts until the end of May. The average temperature of this beautiful area varies between 20 – 35 degrees Celsius during the summer.

There is no better time to visit Coorg hill station than during summer when the weather is pleasant and fresh. It has been said that Coorg is at its liveliest during its summers and winters.

The warm weather serves as the perfect escape from the summers of the plains. Take advantage of the mellow weather and enjoy the visual spoils of the hill station.

Riding on a two-wheeler in the summer season is an enchanting experience as you get to experience the aroma of coffee and cardamom and smell the fragrant air.

The summer season of Coorg gives a warming, relaxed, and pleasant feeling where you can step out with your sunglasses and hats to enjoy the bewitching visuals of this hill station. It’s the perfect time to discover Coorg’s hidden beauty.

Experience the thrill of monsoon Season in Coorg

The summer season of Coorg gives the warm, relaxed, and pleasant feeling where you can step out with your sunglasses and hats and enjoy the visuals of this hill station.

The monsoon season in Coorg begins in June and ends in early October. The temperature drops to 15°C, and sometimes medium to heavy rainfall is observed.

At the beginning of the monsoon, low to moderate intensity of rainfall is observed, however as the days pass by, the rainfall intensity keeps on increasing.

Although Coorg is said to be a natural paradise, some places come alive under the refreshing drops of monsoon rains.

The Monsoon season is a beautiful time of the year in Coorg. The lush green coffee and cardamom plantations look even lusher in the rain.

The flora and fauna are a sight to behold in such an environment. The cascading waterfalls and streams are at their best time to visit Coorg during the Monsoon.

This is the perfect time to explore the wilds of Coorg, spot birds, take long walks and enjoy the fresh air around.

However, people who are enthusiastic travelers and have an affection to explore greenery can come during this season. Coorg is beautiful at any time of the year but during the monsoon season, it’s a must-see destination.

But, before visiting here in the monsoon, carry a few pairs of warm clothes along with umbrellas and raincoats to protect yourself against the cold and rainy climate in the months of September & October.

A weekend getaway to the coffee fields of Coorg in winter season In Coorg

The winter season enhances the beauty of this place. It is said to be the best time to visit Coorg during winter. To witness the heaven on earth this season is the best that begins in October and stretches till February.

During the winter season in Coorg, you’ll find beautiful weather, lush greenery, and fresh flowers in abundance. It is the best time to visit Coorg of year to visit Coorg to appreciate the scenic beauty and excellent climate of the region.

The average temperature during this season drops to as minimum as 10°C with a warm day and chilly night.

Since the New Year also comes midway, this hill station observes a lot of travelers during this season.

You can discover the rich culture and heritage of Coorg during this period, which is known for its beautiful landscapes, temples, churches, and historical sights.

Nonetheless, if you are planning to visit this site during the winter, bring some warm clothing with you.

Picture your Perfect Honeymoon in Coorg for an Unforgettable Experience in these months

When it comes to honeymoon destinations, choosing the best one is crucial and Coorg is the best honeymoon destination for newly married couples. It is important to spend your first memorable moments together with your better half to ensure a long-lasting relationship.

The honeymoon is a time when you and your spouse can spend much-needed intimacy together reflecting on your big day and planning for the future.

Your honeymoon is an opportunity to disconnect from everything and focus on just each other for a little while. By taking a romantic honeymoon trip to Coorg, you will strengthen your relationship and strengthen your bond with your partner.

You can enjoy your honeymoon in Coorg by staying at a number of beautiful resort options available.

You can also choose to spend your honeymoon in Coorg by traveling around and exploring the city, where you will be able to enjoy all kinds of activities. Individuals can choose the best time to visit Coorg based on their preferences.

October to March

The winter season offers a fresh and pleasant climate. In the vicinity of 10 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius, the temperature remains relatively unchanged. Enliven your honeymoon experience by strolling aimlessly in Coorg- Madikeri with your partner.

IBNI Springs is the best honeymoon resort in Coorg with Waterfall. You can find the best honeymoon packages with IBNI Springs Madikeri Coorg.

Follow the Call of Nature in Coorg- The Perfect Place for a Family Outing throughout the year

Family vacations bring more happiness, safety, and comfort to the members because they know that their comfort, happiness, and safety are essential. You can explore Coorg throughout the year with your family as the environment remains pleasant and evergreen.

Family outings in all seasons in Coorg will strengthen family bonds, and while spending time with your family members, you will learn how to cooperate and work as a team.

Taking your kids on a tour to Coorg can create lifelong memories you’ll all cherish. This beautiful place will offer an unforgettable holiday experience for those who love nature and wildlife. Abbey falls and Madikeri Fort is one of the best places one should definitely visit on a family trip.

The Madikeri Fort counts among the first places you should visit when you arrive in Madikeri with your family, as a way of paying respect to the region’s history. The magnificent fort was built by Muddu Raja in the 17th century.

Two life-size elephant statues will greet you as soon as you pass through the grand entrance gates. The premises also contain a tortoise sculpture, a museum, and a church that will for sure excite your children.

There is a saying that the fort is a bridge between the old and the new times. The State Archaeological Department converted a museum from St. Mark’s Church to showcase antique objects and historical items related to the fort and its surroundings. Most artifacts date back to the British era.

This might be an ideal place for your children to learn more about the Indian rich heritage and culture.

Exploring Coorg the mini Scotland of India with friends this season

Are you planning a trip with friends to Coorg? Get a taste of this beautiful hill station by visiting Coorg and exploring its beautiful roads with your friends.

Coorg is a perfect destination for bike trips with friends as there are many road trips to Coorg which offer extremely beautiful breathtaking views. Also, there are many off-beat destinations in Coorg which are unique and perfect for an adventurous road trip. March and June could be the best time to visit Coorg, and see the beauty of Coorg with your friends.

The climate in Coorg is very much suitable for a road trip and the food found in this region is immensely delicious which helps to keep the hunger pangs away during the tour. Your friends will definitely love it.

The shopping paradise of India is waiting for you!

If you are visiting Coorg, don’t forget to do some shopping in the local market. Coorg is home to organic farming and natural products. Hence, you will find a variety of eye-catching items in the market

The best place for shopping in Coorg is Mysore Road. It is a wide, tree-lined avenue that has a number of big shopping malls, plenty of restaurants, and cafes.

Some of the well-known markets where you can go shopping in Coorg are Kushal Nagar Market, Food Banq, Choci Coorg, and Tibetan Flea Market. Here you will find a variety of spices and dry fruits at the Best prices.

The Coorg region has a tradition of crafting beautiful wooden furniture. If you are looking for some great souvenirs to take home with you, be sure to visit one of the many shops in the area.

As Coorg is a place that receives tourists almost every time of the year so the markets remain open every day. Avoid Markets of Coorg in the monsoon season as the region receives heavy rainfall between July to September


When you think of a quaint place to visit, Coorg comes to mind. With its picturesque countryside, magnificent hill stations, and beautiful waterfalls, it is one of the most sought-after destinations for a weekend getaway,  honeymoon destination, family outing, traveling with friends, or shopping.

Coorg is well connected by air, road, and railways. Mangalore airport is the nearest airhead to Coorg. It is situated 160 km away from the hill station. Whereas Mysore Junction has located 95 km from Coorg. The Railway station is well-connected to almost all the major cities in India.

Plan your trip and pack your bags to this beautiful land and experience the charm of nature in abundance.

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