Finding Your Perfect Refuge: The Best Homestay in Coorg


Coorg, the hill station is a place which is inlaid with green plantations, numerous streaming waterfalls, and an inextinguishable coffee legacy. While the green botanical areas are one of the highlights, you also have an interesting option to feel the real culture by staying in a homestay. Homestays are basic family-run habitation where one gets to know the native’s way of living intimately.

The way you like to travel and what matters most to you determine which home is best for you in Coorg. This post will therefore introduce you to several key things to look out for and maybe a few of the best places to visit in this area for a perfect homestay trip.

Choosing Your Ideal Coorg Homestay

  • Location: Coorg is broadly divided into three regions: Madikeri, Virajpet, and Kushalnagar. Madikeri, the largest town, offers easy access to tourist attractions. Virajpet is known for its spice plantations, while Kushalnagar is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Consider your sightseeing plans and preferred level of seclusion when picking a location.
  • Ambiance: Homestays in Coorg range from traditional Kodava houses to modern cottages nestled amidst coffee estates.  Do you crave a rustic experience or a touch of luxury? Some homestays offer breathtaking views, while others prioritize serenity with their secluded settings.
  • Activities: Many homestays cater to specific interests.  Are you looking to participate in coffee picking and processing tours?  Perhaps trekking through spice plantations or bird watching is your preference. Some even offer cultural experiences like learning traditional Coorgi cuisine or attending folk performances.

Top Homestay Picks in Coorg

Here’s a glimpse into some of the highly-rated homestays in Coorg, categorized based on what they might excel in:

  • For the Nature Enthusiast:
    • Heights Farm Stay (Madikeri): Nestled amidst a 120-acre coffee plantation, Heights Farm Stay boasts stunning views and opportunities for trekking, bird watching, and even stargazing.
    • IBNI Springs:  IBNI Springs is an eco-friendly homestay offers a chance to volunteer on the farm, learn about organic practices, and explore the surrounding nature trails.
  • For the Culture Buff:
    • Cauvery Homestay (Somvarpet):  This homestay within a traditional Kodava house provides a chance to experience Coorgi hospitality firsthand. Learn to cook local delicacies, participate in a coffee ceremony, and witness folk performances.
    • The Coorg Heritage (Madikeri): Steeped in history, this homestay is a restored Kodava manor house.  Engage with the family to understand Coorgi traditions, architecture, and way of life.
  • For the Luxurious Escape:
    • Ibnii Homestay (Siddapur): This luxurious homestay offers all the modern amenities within a coffee estate setting.  Enjoy a private pool, spa treatments, and personalized service.
    • Coorg Nest (Madikeri): This tastefully decorated homestay provides a blend of comfort and luxury amidst the coffee hills.  Unwind with in-room fireplaces, private balconies, and a jacuzzi.

Beyond the List

This is a list of a few homestays you can choose from the homestays Coorg. Various small businesses with some of their unusual offers will satisfy specific needs and match every pocket. There are various travel blogs and websites like homestay in coorg homestay coorg best homestay in coorg where you might want to explore to find out some good homestays depending on your likes.

The perfect homestay in Coorg will give you the feeling that you are at home, while getting a tremendous and glorious feel of it at the same time. Such holistic tourism is now the most sought-after concept by eco-friendly lovers, city-dwellers who want to get close to nature, or anyone in need of a cultural experience or a luxurious escapade, as every homestay will be willing to offer a warm embrace.

In conclusion, do not hesitate to lug your baggage, indulge in the exuberance of the Hills of Coorg, and here is your ‘home away from home’ welcoming you through the winding trails of lush vegetation.


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