Coorg is well known for its rich cultural heritage coupled with an abundance of biodiversity. The dense green woods all around surrounded by misty mountains in Western ghats is a perfect place to ignite your love while immersing yourself in nature.

To take a romantic trip with your new bride, Coorg is one of the best places one can think of. Whether it’s a resort in the middle of a beautiful plantation to walk around with your loved one or a luxurious stay to indulge yourself in romantic dinner dates and enjoy healthy brunches, Coorg is surely on the top list for honeymoon couples. Keep reading for the best budget honeymoon resort in Coorg.

Refresh yourself in the Salubrious Climate of Madikeri, Coorg

The wedding rituals and hustles can be very enjoyable yet tiring for the couples, however, they can choose the best resort in Coorg- the Scotland of India to enjoy a combination of luxury and unbridled serenity. A perfect place for young couples to extract some time away from the hustles of the city, IBNI Springs Madikeri Coorg lets you make the most of the pleasant climate.

What can be more romantic than looking at the sunrise and embracing the beauty of the waterfalls with your life partner by your side?

This resort lets you admire the beauty and also helps you indulge in various activities. Show your adventurous side to your partner and learn new things about them at IBNI Springs resort in Coorg-Your ultimate companion.

Being the best nature resort in Coorg, this resort provides you with many options to wander in the beauty of nature with sprawling green lawns and top-notch facilities. You can even try various sports activities here.

Surrounded by forests, plantations and vegetation, the place makes you feel lost in the beauty of nature. You can create your small world at such a beautiful place and enjoy the early days of your newly married life. You can lounge around or admire the beautiful views of the place and share a cocktail or two. Equipped with modern comforts and facilities along with a pinch of traditional culture lets you reconnect with your roots while enjoying the comfort of the place.

Is the location of the resort in Coorg favourable around the year?

Located in Karnataka, Coorg is one of the best locations which is well known for lush green forests, beautiful waterfalls, and serene mountains. If you are on your honeymoon, what can be better than nature on one side and your love on the other? With the pleasant weather and amazing views, the best budget honeymoon resort in coorg is a perfect spot to start your new life. This resort offers a perfect way to relax and re-energize yourself after the tiredness of the wedding functions. Not only it is one of the budget-friendly resorts in Madikeri but also provides comfortable accommodations. You will surely never forget the beauty that this place beholds. 

Why is IBNI Spring Resort one of the finest properties in Coorg?

The true fusion of modern facilities and traditional culture makes the resort one of the best in Coorg. The place is well-known for its amenities, services, and comfortable stay, the priority any newlywed couple would look for. Surrounded by lush green plantations and rich flora, the property provides the best services.

Added to these, the property also provides a generous dose of hospitality. With amazing room service and Wi-Fi facilities, you can settle in comfortably and spend some quality time with your better half. The bedroom is beautifully designed where one can even lounge in or enjoy a cup of hot coffee.

While there are both indoor and outdoor areas, one can arrange a private dinner date in the spectacular woods to enjoy the weather and serene views around. The hospitality of the staff is at par which makes the overall experience more enjoyable as you spend some quality time with your spouse.

If you are looking to reconnect and celebrate your love, IBNI Springs Madikeri is one of the best spots. With the cool climate and amazing room options, you will surely have an amazing time with your loved one.

Is IBNI Springs Budget-friendly?

Booking a good resort for your Honeymoon is one of the most important decisions while planning a trip. One must consider the budget as well as the amenities for a smooth stay. It won’t be wrong to take pride in the IBNI Springs resort as one of the Best nature resorts in Coorg. From luxurious stays to a simple and decent environment, IBNI provides everything that is pocket-friendly.

When compared to other hotels in the vicinity, the 3-star hotels give  the best pricing for newlyweds, couples, and families.

There are two types of cottages available for the guests both having 42 inches LED along with the Netflix subscription:

  1. Deluxe Cottages
Best Resort in coorg for Homestay in Madikeri

These cottages give a clear view of waterfall. Get ready to sip a hot cup of coffee with the natural bliss and breezy air. Surround yourself with the goodness of nature in the authentically designed Deluxe cottages. They are comparatively cheaper than other categories. 

2. Wooden Cottages

These cottages give a clear view of nature. Get ready to enjoy your drinks with the natural bliss and breezy air. Surround yourself with a waterfall in the specially designed wooden cottages. They are a bit costly, however, they do complete justice to the amenities the resort provides.

What services does IBNI Spring provide to the honeymoon couples?

As much as the guests long for good services, the resort also loves to greet them in a similar manner. This resort has been on number one for newly-wed couples. The services they provide are impeccable. From restaurants to play areas, the resort fulfils all the desires. The high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity helps you to connect with the outside world. Staying in a resort in Coorg isn’t a problem anymore due to its great connectivity.

  1. Dining

The good news for honeymooners is to have a scrumptious meal after the hectic schedule at the time of the wedding. Can it get any better than discovering your taste buds with our traditional culinary delight?

There’s no compromise when it comes to a  healthy breakfast as it jump-starts your day and lifts up the mood. You can even select the menu from the variety of meals offered by the resort. The available hours are from 7:30 AM to 22:30 PM.

  • Free Wi-Fi

Stay connected to your friends and family even on a vacation. You won’t face connectivity issues while staying at one of the best budget honeymoon resort in coorg. The experience is improvised with high-speed internet connectivity in all the rooms. There is no trouble regarding the connectivity for our guests who like to keep a check on their work as well. You can enjoy the vacation as well as stay connected to the internet 24/7. 

  • Taxi Pick-up and drop 

Pick-up and drop will be a seamless option for you if you go for this best nature resort in Coorg. There are pick-up and drop options for the guests at the airports and stations. They strictly follow hygiene manners as well as social distancing.

What amenities will be given by the resort in Madikeri Coorg ?

IBNI Springs, one of the Best Resort in Coorg with Activities that allows you to dive into the fun and frolic activities, the newly-wed couple would love to enjoy. The resort takes care of the guests and provides them with the best services. They even provide guides who help in discovering the famous places around the place, which makes the vacation a joyous and perfect experience.

The enjoyment becomes ten times when the guests take part in various fun activities and enjoy them. Various activities that will cheer up the guests are camping, hiking, fishing, badminton, trekking, cycling, bonfire, and many other activities. For honeymoon couples, the natural flowing waterfall is a must-watch that lies exactly behind the property. One can spend quality time with their loved ones in front of the waterfall.

  1. Bonfire and Camping

The bonfire night along with music and dance is the icing on the cake. One of the most romantic gestures can be done by organising a private dinner in such a scenic view. These activities near the bonfire can be very calming and lift up the mood.

  • Waterfall

The property around the resort also belongs to IBNI Springs. One of the most attractive things is the majestic waterfall that lies behind the resort. The soothing sound of water gives peace of mind and feels like eternal bliss.

  • Fishing

Do you want to fulfill your fishing hobby? IBNI Springs, the best tree house resort in Coorg, is a must-visit as it has an artificial fishing lake to fulfil your fishing desire on the banks of the beautifully built lake.      

Why do honeymoon couples choose IBNI Springs?

The resort is well-equipped, and the highlighting point is that the area is spacious with heavenly comfort and tranquillity. There are various locations one can be to experience enjoyment. If the couple enjoys fishing, this place gives spectacular options.

Ever heard of holidays without dancing and fun?

It is unlikely, and therefore the bonfire is always accompanied by some music, and dance. For adventurous couples, camping, hiking, and various games along the way add up to the enjoyment of their stay.

Various games like mud games, cycling, badminton, and various other activities are there that the couple won’t miss out. The natural waterfall behind the resort is an eye-catching site for the guests. This gives an experience, a person would have never seen before.

Is the resort safe and secure for the honeymoon couple in Coorg?

Safety is the priority of this resort, IBNI Springs is well known for its secure and safe environment. The guests get the best privileges and exceptional experiences during their stay in the resort. A honeymoon couple would want their privacy along with some romantic place, where they can spend some quality time with each other. The needs of each and every guest are addressed and long-lasting amicable relationships are built amongst each other.   

How can a Honeymoon couple book rooms in Coorg Madikeri?

If the couple wants to book a best budget honeymoon resort in coorg they must to do such things:

  1. Research and connect with the companies that organise these events in Coorg.
  • One can also contact hotels, resorts, or any adventurous activity that offer various packages.
  • You can even connect with a travel agent to book the resort as well as plan the whole trip to Coorg.
  • While planning the packages, one must remember the budget and the activities that they can pursue.

What are the various adventurous activities available in Coorg?

  1. Zip Lining

If the honeymoon couple loves adventures, they must go zip lining for an amazing experience.

  • Mountain Climbing

The couple can enjoy the mountains in the hills surrounding the resort. This will help the couple move forward in each and every situation.

  • Trekking

The couple can trek around to bond with each other and explore the natural beauty.

  • Camping

A great way to relax and explore the beautiful and lush greens around.

 It’s very necessary for the honeymoon couple to make a wise decision as they have no place for regrets. This time is very precious for the newlyweds and IBNI Springs Madikeri is one of the best budget honeymoon resort in Coorg. The climatic conditions, the surroundings, the waterfall, and the beauty all around makes it more favourable for the love birds.

The warm hospitality and amazing experience make the trip more enjoyable as you can spend some quality time with your loved ones. It is a perfect blend of the modern world with traditional values to reinforce a smoother as well as comfortable experience.

If reconnecting, and bonding is what you have in mind, be ready to dive in the world of wonders with serene views and spend some quality time with your better half. These trips can give an opportunity to newlywed couples to reduce their tiredness and relax in the lap of nature.