How Traveling Solo can Help to Find Yourself – Benefits that can Empower you

Disclaimer: This article is not about business trips, vacations, or tours. It is about the importance of solo traveling that can transform you from inside.

Are you confused about whether I should travel solo or with a companion? Solo traveling can be daunting for some. But it is one of the eye-opening activities that an individual should do once in a lifetime.

I had chosen to travel to Coorg, Karnataka. I explored its staggering beauty and stayed at one of the best resorts in Coorg- Ibni Springs. I traveled without any partner. Now I can elaborate on the benefits of traveling solo, which I reaped during my journey to Coorg.

However, there are uncountable pros of traveling alone. But I am discussing only chief points that are advantageous and will boost your confidence plus remove your confusions arising out of fear and doubts about solo travel.

You learn to experience life and new skills which can help you in times of trouble. You start to handle pressures more effectively and efficiently. Moreover, your perspective to see the world drastically transformed.

You can travel solo successfully when you have the courage and willingness to do it. Afterward, you won’t find it weird or scary to move alone.

There is nothing like freedom. Hence It’s an exciting feeling. You start to meet new people, experience different cultures and their traditions. Exploring the unexplored opens up your mind to the unknown. And the feeling is thrilling.

Every conversation you crack, every challenge you take turns you into a different person. Overall you see the world altogether from varied perspectives.

Your heart chakra tends to open. You pay gratitude to even tiny things in life. You become humble and down-to-earth. You start to respect and value life and live it to the fullest. The main thing is that your door of living energy opens. You feel happy and get direction in life.

The young or the people who are unhappy, uneasy, and confused about their goals and objectives must travel alone to discover more about themselves. The downfall in life happens due to the lack of self-knowledge. Once you know yourself, you get to set clear goals in your mind to pursue. So pack your bags and get off to indulge with yourself.

Let’s Learn about the Extraordinary Benefits of Solo Travel:

Bring back your childhood:

benefits of solo-travel

While you are traveling, you don’t have any responsibilities on you. All you have to care about is your food and the place to sleep. With no obligations and expectations, you attain mental freedom and peace. You become a kid again. You don’t have to worry about the past and future as every day is a new adventure.

You become curious again and start to value little things in life. You do things you feel. For me, I showered under the best waterfalls in Coorg. Altogether it was an exhilarating feeling.

Hence play, dance, and have fun wherever you go. Travelling is like fireworks of emotions with time flies fast like in your childhood.

Escape the narrow space.

Solo Travel

We all live in our own narrow spaces. No matter if you live in any city or any nation. There is always a boredom routine that we follow every day with no spark of excitement and energy. Same as a cogwheel rotating with no life.

With travel, you break the machinery actions and escape the narrow space. Every country, city, or region has different cultures, traditions, and sets of beliefs. So when you experience something different, the idea of your culture and set of beliefs changes altogether.

While staying in the Coorg resort, I saw local Kodava people and learned about their everyday lives. I witnessed their daily activities and their idea to see life. Faking or showing off was not seen in their outlook.

They stay happy, content with whatever they possess in life. They have a welcoming approach for the guests. Do you care about your madness on little things, frustrations, and other doubts and fears! Well, you rethink it and become crystal clear of your perceptions and approach. So, this is how you embrace the positive change in your life.

Discover Your True Identity


When you travel, you become minimalist. You have a limited supply of things in your backpack. You understand what you require in life. The heavy burdens of being materialistic reduce drastically. With it, loads of burden on mind also diminishes.

You be yourself and don’t care about what other people think if they judge you. You meet new people and have deep conversations on varied topics. Your mental horizons expand to their limits. You learn from other people, listen to their experiences, their mistakes in life. Moreover, you have a lot of time to think and make a healthy decision.

Undoubtedly traveling forces you to come out of your comfort zone and appreciate little things in life. It all occurs when you face challenges along the way and settle down on your own. You can observe how you react to the oblivion situations. Meanwhile, the next time you don’t make the same mistakes again. Therefore you make better decisions subconsciously.

Consequently, Solo travel develops a set of high values, beliefs, and a lucid mindset. It helps in making firm decisions reflected in later aspects of your life.

You discover your desires, emotions, and what company you should choose to be. Overall it leads to a happy and healthier life. More than the pleasure of traveling, you seek the power of changing and evolving every day. Every one of us should do Solo traveling once in our lives.

Have you done Solo Traveling? Please share your valuable experiences in the comment section.

I hope you liked the article and it also gives you a sense of encouragement to travel alone.

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