Try these Top Things to do in Coorg (kodagu) for making your holidays unforgettable like hiking, trekking, river rafting, ziplining, waterfall rappelling, micro flight, and much more.

Coorg – The Scotland of India surely has some of the most impressive and unique things to do, much more similar to what you have been fancying in Scotland. Cast your everlasting memories by witnessing the most remarkable places in Madikeri. This heavenly destination has a lot to offer for its visitors.

Top 10 Fun and Adventurous Things to do in Coorg

  1. Hiking and Trekking– Enjoy the landscapes
  2. Camping– Get close with nature
  3. Jungle Safari – Unfold the silence of the jungles
  4. Waterfall Rappelling– Make your heart beat faster
  5. River Rafting– Pump up the adrenaline rush
  6. Kayaking– Get a thrilling experience
  7. Bathing Elephants– Have fun with giant creatures
  8. Zip Lining–  Ride in sky with speed
  9. Quad Biking– Bring some action
  10. Paragliding– Explore nature from heights

1.Hiking and Trekking- Enjoy the landscapes

Long walks to natural trails could be the best activity available in Coorg. Trek or hike solo or with family and friends, this activity is definitely enjoyable for all. You can explore nature’s wonderful sights. Some of the suggested destinations to trek in madikeri are: Tadiandamol Trek, Iruppu Falls Trek, Pushpagiri Giri Trek, Kotebetta Trek, and Kumara Parvatha Trek.

2.Camping- Get close with Nature

A large number of camps are being organized in the nature’s lap of Coorg. Experience the best camping in the picturesque charm and pleasant weather of Madikeri. IBNI SPRINGS MADIKERI COORG- Best Resort in Coorg organizes camping for its guests and also recommends other best places to camp in the lush green coffee plantations.

3.Jungle Safari – Unfold the silence of the jungles

Encounter the best wildlife jungle safari in Coorg. Best places to explore the enchanting piece of wilderness are: Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary, Nagarhole national park, Talakaveri wildlife sanctuary, and Pushpagiri wildlife sanctuary are some of the densely forested reserves where you can explore the unexplored.

4.Waterfall Rappelling- Make Your Heart Beat Faster

Quench your thirst for excitement with the amazing adventure activity in Coorg- Waterfall Rappelling. Push your limits amd boundaries with this fun filling and thrilling activity by abseiling from the cliff of a waterfall. One of the most impressive waterfall rappelling destinations in madikeri is   Chelavara Falls wherein you can experience the heavenly nature and take up a challenging adventure sport.

5.River Rafting- Pump up the adrenaline rush

Adventure lovers get the pinnacle rafting experience in Coorg. Drift and relax in the thrills and spills of mighty river Cauvery in Dubare. Popular and challenging rafting sites are: Barapole and Dubare River Rafting. If you are true risk taker and adventure enthusiasts, you can begin your rafting trip.

6.Kayaking- Get a thrilling experience

Enjoy the breathtaking experience of Kayaking and canoeing in Coorg, Karnataka.  Kakkabe river is the best place for Kayaking activity. Slice your way through azure waters passing through magnificent landscape with the amazing padding expedition of Kayaking.

7.Bathing Elephants- Have fun with giant creatures

Interact with these big creatures at Dubare Elephant Reserve in Coorg and have fun with elephants by observing and learning about their activities including bathing, feeding and playing in waters. Participate in the fun and frolic activities with these peaceful pachyderms. Have fun with elephants at Dubare Elephant Reserve and create beautiful memories.

8.Zip Lining-  Ride in Sky with speed

Elevate your adventure thirst with Zip Lining adventure activity in Coorg. Explore the pristine diversity and pleasant surroundings with Zip Lining. Definitely not for the faint hearted.Grab this moment and define yourself with the amazing top things to do in Coorg. Try out Nisargadhama forests, Kodagu for the zip line adventure.

9.Quad Biking- Bring some action

Embark on a quad biking tour in Madikeri for the ultimate enjoyment. Explore the rugged terrains through bumpy roads and mountains. Test your riding skill on a tough road whilst falling in love with the natural beauty of Coorg.

10.Paragliding- Explore nature from heights

Fly off on the top of Coorg and explore a 360 degree bird’s eye view of the spectacular Coorg. Paragliding in Coorg is the best way of exploring Coorg through an aerial view. In the blowing gusty winds at a height of 4000 feet above the ground level, you will surely create amazing memories. So, spread your wings like a free bird flying and fulfil your dream of flying above the scenic beauty of Coorg.

Best Place to Stay in Coorg, Madikeri

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