Coorg perfectly portrays it as the Scotland of India. The beauty and the charm of this beautiful hill station have stolen the hearts of countless visitors and travellers. Kodagu was changed to the name Coorg because of the Britishers. The gem is located in the western ghats of Karnataka in the South. The climate here remains pleasant throughout the year which attracts people towards peace, comfort and a weekend getaway .

This is the place where nature and exotic ecosystems are in a cornucopia of aromatic coffee. Madikeri, a beautiful hill station and the heart of Coorg can be a haven for people looking for a retreat.

There are a number of reasons to travel in Coorg with a brief Coorg Travel Guide.

Coorg is famous for its extraordinary natural beauty. It will be worth visiting the place if you want to have an escape from a mundane city life.

Coorg Travel Guide- The Best Tourist Place

Madikeri is a beautiful hill station in the district of Coorg or Kodagu. Often people confuse the two names Coorg and Madikeri. They somehow consider both as the same. But the basic difference is that Coorg is a district in Karnataka while Madikeri is a small town or hill station situated in the Coorg district.

If you are heading from Bangalore to Coorg, the distance between Bangalore to Coorg travel will be estimated as 270 km from NH 75. It is the fastest and safest route to Coorg. You can travel by bike, bus or cab. You can hire taxi and cab services from IBNI SPRINGS MADIKERI COORG Resort in Coorg where tourists’ accommodation is budget-friendly and high quality. Pick-and-drop services are easily available and they are just a call away.

Apart from this if you would like to reach the earliest you can use bus, train or flight. However, there is no direct route to Coorg if you travel by train. Mysore and Mangalore railway stations are the nearest stations to Coorg with a distance of 95 km and 134 km from Coorg respectively. From there you can catch a bus to Coorg which will take around 3-5 hours of journey.

Moreover, if you are opting for a flight, Mangalore International Airport is the nearest airport at a distance of 160 km. In a similar manner suggested above, you can choose your mode of transport to Coorg according to your convenience.

Coorg is an idyllic weekend getaway for most travellers. The enchanting beauty is unparalleled to soul seekers and nature lovers. Let’s check out the reasons for this inexplicable beauty and find out the reason why it is worth visiting Coorg.

As you enter Coorg the invigorating coffee aroma welcomes you and activates your olfactory glands leading to an uplifted mood.

To obtain a proper Coorg Travel Package you can enjoy the best homestays in Coorg- IBNI Springs Madikeri Coorg. They will guide you throughout your journey to Coorg and explore its wonders. Accommodation here is immensely peaceful and comfortable. Enjoy the pleasant natural environment by sitting beside the private waterfall located at the back of the Resort accessible only to guests of the Coorg Resort – IBNI Springs.

Experience the Coorg trip more like a local rather than an outsider. You can enjoy and mingle with the environment of Coorg in a better way. Here are some tips for a smooth trip and exploration.

Drive slow:

If you are driving on your own or travelling somewhere within Coorg, be extremely careful with the roads. The roads could be bumpy and sloppy. As it is a Madikeri, a hill station so there might be many twists and turns which need to be handled carefully. Although you will come across scenic landscapes of Madikeri, keep your eye on the road, minding the distance limit while travelling along with the long stretches of the road.

Keep Cash Handy:

There are fewer chances for shopkeepers to accept electronic modes of payment. Also, you cannot find banks and ATMs nearby the area easily. The area is a hill station so network connectivity is weak. You need to prepare beforehand to keep a good amount of estimated cash with you. Reserve your Coorg homestay before entering Coorg and keep all the confirmations in advance so you won’t face any hurdles in the exchange of money.

Respect local people and have a basic knowledge of their traditions:

It is a basic understanding that we should not hurt anyone’s sentiments. The Kodava community and their culture are different from other regions. Smoking is prohibited in the region. As it is a nature site so avoid throwing any trash on roads. Respect the religion and avoid any public display that seems inappropriate to others. Keep a warm and humble gesture with everyone you meet. To avoid offending anyone directly or indirectly, gain a basic knowledge of the local lifestyle and culture of Coorg.

In addition to these it is advisable to keep yourself updated with the latest local news of this region so you can keep a track on the activities going around or never miss any important information crucial to your journey.

After having visited this beautiful hill station in Karnataka you could finally say that you have finally witnessed Coorg- The Scotland of India.

So, these are the Coorg Travel tips and guides that could be helpful in your journey to Coorg.

Have a Safe Journey!